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Oh Miss Raissa, you really are a horrible person!

Witness the latest idiocy from fundamentalist fucktard Miss Raissa –

who says all cases of pedophilia are rape? Children are becoming sexually active early these days. What if the child likes it?”


Belief Blower nails it

She’s the poster child for exactly what is wrong with religion today. Miss Raissa is vile, despicable, and horrifyingly homophobic. She has no moral center, no empathetic core. At best, she’s a religious parrot – flying along with the most heinous characters one can find on social media (she often sticks up for the Phelps family). At worst, she’s a masochistic woman (she posts to atheist hashtags all the time and complains when atheists jump at her idiotic proclamations) who is actively seeking a man to enslave her all the while funding her shoe fetish.

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4 thoughts on “Oh Miss Raissa, you really are a horrible person!

  1.      I do, however, find the reference to what is acceptable to believe somewhat problematic. You must understand, I am concerned about the possibility of thought police in all possible forms. Yes, I understand that some thoughts can be dangerous. But no thought is more dangerous than that some group of people may dictate what thoughts are allowed.

  2. I fully agree, Pvblivs, but it has to be said that Miss Raissa's homophobia is astonishing

  3. I'm jumping into this conversation late, but no one is advocating for policing her thoughts, Pvblivs. She can think pedophiles are okay and gay people are evil all she wants – that doesn't make her right, and that's not going to stop us from criticizing her. The same rights of freedom of speech and thought extend to everyone else: if she exercises her own right to free speech, she opens herself up to criticism.

  4. Bailey:     From the target: "who think it's perfectly acceptable to say and believe [expletive] like this." Now, to me, that looks like advocating the policing of thoughts.

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