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Brandy Cienkowski (scroll to the bottom for an update)

It is confirmed…Joe Cienkowski has officially lost his freakin mind!!! He has the balls to come over to my parents house and put a “club” on the steering wheel of the Jeep….he is a freakin looney! Guess I will have to call a locksmith and have them bill him through the divorce to get it off. He apparently must have got served with the divorce papers…they do not put paint him in a favorable light.

.I just found out today that Joe has not only been arrested once in early January for battery against my daughter’s 16 year old boyfriend and now….get ready…..he got arrested AGAIN on Febuary 9th for criminal trespass!!!!  

I can’t believe he has put that as his status! He is totally losing it! I will post my response to Alex from my FB page: Yeah…I know…I am evil…and did you know that I am now an Atheist and that the Atheists have taken me over!!! He has called me at the same time the past two nights to “preach” and “badger” me for 45 minutes…I asked him if once I move this weekend if he would call me at the same time out on the Oregon Coast just for fun! I caught him in some crazy ass lies…I think he is literally having a breakdown…he just rattles on and on and on about a bunch of jibberish, none of it makes any sense.

Do those posts read as the kind of thing someone about to return to their husband would write? They’re all from the ‘Joe Cienkowski Discussion Group‘ on Facebook, and they’re all written (supposedly) by his wife, Brandy. Brandy had finally had enough of Joe, his bullshit creationist ideas, his letching after other women on twitter, his endless alleged pot smoking, and was moving to Oregon to start a new life. 

Not pictured: A good husband

Brandy started talking extensively with various people on Twitter and Facebook, explaining the nonsense she’d had to put up with from Joe, his numerous personal failings, and how she couldn’t wait to get away from him. Then…..silence.

The day before she was supposed to be moving, Brandy suddenly stopped tweeting, or replying to people on Facebook. Her last post was the first quoted at the top of this entry, telling the world how Joe had put a club on her jeep to prevent her leaving, and that he’d ‘lost his freakin’ mind!’

After a few days of silence Joe, posing for some unknown and utterly bizarre reason, as a High School age Jugallo called Ethan Sparks, claimed that Brandy had been in intensive care for a few days, and that they were now back together. Sure enough Joe (using his own twitter account) was rejoicing a few days later that they were ‘reconciled’.

Understandably several people who Brandy had been in contact with immediately requested to hear from Brandy herself. The attitude seemed to be that, so long as Brandy was ok, no-one would be judging her for what seemed like a complete 180 degree turnaround from her previous position.

A month passed, and the only word from Brandy was the following post on Facebook – 

you show (or highlighting) a total misunderstanding of the OT law, and NT grace- since the Lord walked the earth

…it reads exactly like one of Joe’s tweets. In fact I’m willing to bet that he accidentally posted it from something like Tweetdeck, or another client where you can manage several accounts simultaneously.

This caused concern amongst Brandy’s online friends, Joe was clearly in control of her Facebook account. These concerns only deepened when her real life friends started commenting on Facebook that she wasn’t returning texts, or had cancelled plans without contacting them. 

More than a month after Brandy was finalising the divorce and making the arrangements to move away to a new life, there has been no word from her. Repeated requests to Joe on twitter to confirm she’s ok fell on deaf ears.

8 days ago Joe’s twitter feed went silent as well, which is unprecedented for him. Now, it’s entirely possible that the no-good unemployed stoner finally had his internet cut off altogether – after all, his website has been down for a couple of months due to unpaid hosting bills (Brandy was paying for it, which makes the lack of it’s return after her supposed reconciliation suspicious in itself)

Several twitter users have been concerned enough to have contacted the Granite City (their home town) police, but have had no response. Today @movingtomontana has started the #isbrandyok hashtag, and is encouraging retweets from the great and good of twitter. 

Of course, it is entirely possible that Joe and Brandy HAVE reconciled and, if that’s the case, I hope they’re happy and healthy, but there has been no evidence to support this in the last month. 

If Brandy is ok then Joe needs to take urgent action – the rumour mills are already churning out various theories, with the most extreme suggesting that Joe is holding Brandy against her will, or has maybe even harmed her. These things can rapidly spiral out of control, and silence from the relevant parties does nothing to stem the ever rising flow of guesses as to what has happened.

I don’t think it’ll be too long before we find out what has really happened. 


I rang the number people had found from the eBay listing.

Short version? She sounded fine. Annoyed to be called by her tone of voice, and I didn’t get chance to tell her before she angrily hung up that popping online to tell everyone she was ok would be a good idea considering the amount of speculation going on across the internet about her wellbeing.

So, she’s ok. I feel sorry for her having to put up with Joe Cienkowski, but he hasn’t harmed her. Hopefully he’ll be a better husband than he has been, and maybe he’ll curb some of his more excessing endless tweeting ways.

At least this story has a happy (ish) ending.

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14 thoughts on “Brandy Cienkowski (scroll to the bottom for an update)

  1. the thing that i think is so telling is no one seems to think it is especially libellous to posit that Joe might have harmed brandy no one friend or foe has piped up to say, gee that sounds a bit extreme. we all to a man seem perfectly content to think Joe is capable of murder. i hope she's ok, i really do.

  2. I send the following email to Joseph Cienkowski

  3.      I do not know a whole lot about this situation. I wasn't there. And I don't follow tweet or facebook. Therefore I can only speak in generalities. That being said, what is presented here looks very much like he has abducted her, and possibly killed her.

  4. Joe is a maniac, but I don't (yet) think he's murderous. I'm guessing the truth will be that she's gone back to him but is unwilling (for some unknown reason) to tell the people she was talking to just weeks ago.It would be nice to know that she's ok.

  5. I'm sure someone has already checked into this, but on her ebay classified she posts a # of 618-610-6876 Pontoon Beach, IL 62040. Has anyone checked this out? I don't know her personally, I'm just a concerned bystander. Although if things get desperate /b/ can occasionally be motivated to 'personal army' status.

  6. Hey I posted a message elsewhere but thought I'd mention it here too. If she was getting divorced wouldn't she have a lawyer who'd be helping her with the papers? I would imagine her lawyer would know where she is if proceedings are still in progress. His lawyer would know her lawyer too. (This is under the hopeful assumption that she has moved and is not posting online due to pending court stuff.) So yeah, anybody know who Joe's lawyer is? Or Brandy's? They might be more help than the police at this point.

  7. Who is close enough to go knock on their door and find out if she's there and unconfined? We had a case where a man told everyone his wife had gone back to her mother — before Internet and 4-lane highways. Thirty years later construction workers found her buried in the back yard.

  8. If she was at her parents' house, I hope her parents can call the police and insist that she had no intention of leaving their place and is now missing.

  9. I'm just about to call, I'll report back.

  10. Brandy is absolutely fine. I hope her and Joe work things out. I may think he's a total douchebag, but the woman has made her choice, let's hope it's the right one for her.

  11. from the way she sounded it sounds like they're a match!

  12. "the thing that i think is so telling is no one seems to think it is especially libellous to posit that Joe might have harmed brandy" — perhaps because people actually have some grasp of what "libelous" means, and that doesn't anywhere near approach it.

  13. I've deleted a comment above that made an unprovoked attack. I don't like deleting comments, so please be civil

  14. li·belnoun /ˈlībəl/libels, plural 1. A published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation 2. The action or crime of publishing such a statement * – a councilor who sued two national newspapers for libel * – a libel action 3. A false and malicious statement about a person 4. A thing or circumstance that brings undeserved discredit on a person by misrepresentation 5. (in admiralty and ecclesiastical law) A plaintiff's written declarationverb /ˈlībəl/libeled, past participle; libeled, past tense; libeling, present participle; libelled, past participle; libelled, past tense; libelling, present participle; libels, 3rd person singular present 1. Defame (someone) by publishing a libel * – she alleged the magazine had libeled her 2. Make a false and malicious statement about 3. (in admiralty and ecclesiastical law) Bring a suit against (someone)see #3/ #2 respectivelyi stand by my original statement.

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