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Stormbringer – an Atheist Within Five Years

Today Muslim hating fundie rage vortex Storm ‘AAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!’ Bringer has posted a ‘resignation’

Buona sera. Effective immediately, I will no longer be posting articles on any Weblogs or visiting the Weblogs of other people. Instead, I am enrolling in the Master’s College Biblical Studies correspondence program until I can actually move out there. After that I will enroll in the seminary. So, with studies, research, working, packing, moving, studying more, finding another job, I have no time for this.


It’s true! Stormy BeeBee is joining a Seminary! But what do we know about Seminaries? Yes! They tend to create atheists! As Brian Khairullah (former bassist of disgusting homophobic metallers Deliverance) comments in his rather excellent explanation as to how he became a non-believer

Bob Beeman (founder of Sanctuary International) once told me that most people he knew who went to seminary came out atheists.

This experience doesn’t seem to be a one off, as this blog shows.

So, don’t be surprised if actually learning something about the origins of Christianity causes Stormy Stormy Dogg Dogg to come out at the other end a non-theist.

Or maybe he’ll drop out when the knowledge gets too much for him?

Either way, I genuinely wish him luck, I think knowledge will do a great deal of good for him.

(if this is his idea of an April Fool, then he should probably be told that if you ‘fool’ after midday the butt of the gag becomes the gagger) 


Stormbringer is now claiming that it was an April Fools gag. Two points  – firstly, a gag has to be funny, second the previously mentioned ‘after midday’ rule applies. Poor chap, he’s so thoroughly hapless, deluded and downright unpleasant I almost feel sorry for him….almost, but not enough to change my opinion of him, the insane, racist, right wing, homophobic cockbag.

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7 thoughts on “Stormbringer – an Atheist Within Five Years

  1.      Personally, I think he will try to make it look like he is gone and just use some new sock puppets.

  2. And every sock-puppet will have a name that a 12 year old boy would think is cool.Stormbringer's already had soldiers and cowboys. I guess that leaves dinosaurs and ninjas.

  3. -I realize that he admits the all the accounts are his but the first time I encountered S.B. was on Dan's site where I thought he was two people so it's definitely the definition of sock-puppetry.

  4. I've heard mention of Dan's site before – where is it?

  5.      It's here.

  6. Ah, yes, thanks.Stormbringer is claiming he was joking now.

  7.      Well, on my blog, I ask whether saying "April Fool's" makes anything less a lie.

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