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Some short thoughts on Christianity

You see, here’s the thing believers, Christian beliefs look ludicrous when written down. Seriously, try it – if you’re a believer try recording yourself saying what you believe, and I bet you’ll not be able to get all the way through without laughing.

Angels? Supernatural lying spirits? A god that’s more concerned with human sexuality than he is saving the lives of millions of starving children in Africa? Stories of a global flood that left zero evidence and wasn’t recorded by the surrounding nations who lived through it without noticing? Stories of an Exodus and invasion that similarly left no evidence, including no records AT ALL in the Egyptian archives? The miraculous birth of a man-god who did such amazing things that not a single contemporary writer mentioned him? The same man crucified by Pontius Pilate, despite the fact that in all the records of executions from that time he isn’t mentioned?

It takes a huge amount of faith to believe such nonsense! The fact is the Bible ISN’T true, it’s isn’t good history, the Old Testament represents the hopes of 7th Century Judah under the reign of Josiah, and later the hopes of post exile Jewry, whilst the New Testament is told through the filter of Paul, a man who lied about his reason for going to Damascus (the High Priest of Jerusalem had no authority in Damascus, as it was in a different province).

These are some of the reasons why I, and millions of others, have left Christianity.

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One thought on “Some short thoughts on Christianity

  1. Eric on said:


    Am reading what you wrote here and just wanted to say something. You see, what you wrote only makes sense from a non-believing point of view. The kind of view that WANTS that there is no evidence.

    As for the flood, there is plenty of evidence. Just read the proper books about it and talk to scientists that do not make opposing God and christianity as their core bussiness. The story of the flood in fact IS recorded in local stories and myths with over 300 nations, including China, mayan cultures, aboriginals, etc… Even the chinese language (you know, the characters) shows evidence by the way some phrases are created. (most characters are made from other characters)

    About human sexuality and starving kids. The church suffers from 2000 years of tradition. Jesus taught us to love one another, not to judge one another. Don’t judge God for what human beings with a free will are or have been doing. God is OK, his personnel just sucks. The bible is not a whole book with instructions. Cannot read it that way, however too many people exactly just did that. Look at the teachings of Christ and in the letters in the NT. And even there you actually need to know the context in which these letters were written and to whom they were sent.

    About Paul and Damascus…. Silly argumentation, sorry to say. The pope has real worldly authority in only a few square miles in Rome. However millions around the world obey his words. Same for Dalai Lamah. Why would that be different for a jewish highpriest in these days? Look at the muslim spiritual leaders. When an important one speaks a fatwa, muslims around the world do their best to kill the person condemned (Salman Rushdi had to hide for years because of this)

    I am a very rational person. Never take things for granted. Many of the teachings in church I disagree with. Because I see their works are so different from what the bible teaches. But if there is one thing I have learned in the past 20 years it’s this: the bible is true. However we do not fully understand 90% of it because we are NOT considering cultural differences , time differences and our own (deformed) traditions.

    Leaving christianity? I don’t take it…. Usually this means you never actually have been part of it. being a member of a church (or even playing in a christian band) does not make you christian. Or better said: it does not make you a follower of Jesus Christ.

    Leave Christianity… that’s ok, churches cannot save you. But in your hart, turn to Jesus Christ and have a conversation with him. Trust me, He will answer somehow. Sometimes it takes weeks or maybe evebn longer, but an answer will come to those that ask seriously. Been there, done that, seen it.


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