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No True Scotsman Revisited

We’ve already seen Mad Joe Cienkowski, Creationist Bullshitter, using the ‘No True Scotsman‘ fallacy when former Christians have identified themselves to him (he doesn’t believe in former Christians, just like he doesn’t believe in accurate history, biology, or facts), but today rage filled Fundie mentalist, Storm ‘I’ll call anyone who doesn’t agree with me a lying scumbag’ Bringer has trotted it out.

In response to a fellow Christian popping up on his comments to apologise on behalf of Stormbringer, the angry one replied in typically furious fashion –

Jesus Will Save said…
Dear atheists, I want you to know that the majority of Christians are not as bad as Stormbringer. His behavior has no bearing on the truth of Christianity. Do not judge us all by his actions. Jesus loves you.

Stormbringer said…
There is nothing that I like better than self-righteous, shallow, judgmental Christians. (By the way, what gives you the qualifications to know about “the majority of Christians”, or even the right to speak this way?) It is people like you that helped push me away from the faith for about fifteen years. IF… Examine yourself, to see that you are, indeed, in the faith. (2 Cor. 13.5) But I strongly suspect that you are not really in the faith. There are many atheists pretending to be Christians out there.

“There is nothing that I like better than self-righteous, shallow, judgmental Christians” he furiously harrumphs, before slipping into a quick bout of shallow self-righteous judgement.

All because another believer pointed out that not all of them were as mad as Stormy B. Rather than taking stock, realising that he’s been posting hate filled arse gravy, and mending his ways, Stormbringer has trained his rage guns on ‘Jesus Will Save’ and accused him of not being a Christian at all!

No wonder Stormy ‘forgot’ to mention his main blog when he wrote in to Evidence 4 Faith, can’t have the bile he regularly churns out in the name of Christ made public! No doubt he’ll be delighted to know that I’ve dropped Evidence 4 Faith a line, responding to the recent lies he told about myself and several others, and pointing them to his main site, and adding a side link to Rhomphaia’s idiocy-fest so they can see his true colours. No need to thank me Stormy, I’m sure it was a simple oversight that prevented you linking them to your homophobia, islamophobia, and other nastiness!


‘Jesus Will Save’ responded to Stormy’s accusation with good grace, only to receive this reply from the ‘great’ man…

Blogger Stormbringer said…
Either a phoney, or a brain-dead Jesus cheerleader. You fit what I described a few times in my other Weblog, “A Soldier for Jesus”, and I bet you could learn some things from it. You won’t like it, because I’m not advocating your style: Everyone get together, sing songs and have a group hug. Did you know that Jesus wasn’t always Captain Nice? Nor were Paul, John the Baptist and others. So don’t put your touchie-feelie churchianity on me. Perhaps you can examine yourself and repent of your judgmental, superior attitude? Again, types like you helped push me away from my faith, and I was away from it for about fifteen years. If I had come across you a year ago, I might not have come back to Jesus!

I’m sure Jesus is very proud of Stormbringer, what a spokesman for Christianity he is!

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2 thoughts on “No True Scotsman Revisited

  1.      It is my belief, and I remember saying so on my blog, that Norman is the true face of christianity unmasked. No, not all christians are like that. But most christians don't really understand their "faith."

  2. I think you're right, he represents the controlling aggressive side.

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