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After his outright humiliation yesterday….

…..our friend Stormbringer has been hard at work, writing his own spin on events. It’s comedy gold, though probably not for the reasons he thinks. I don’t think even Mad Joe Cienkowski is as deluded as this chap.

Read and ‘enjoy’

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2 thoughts on “After his outright humiliation yesterday….

  1. As I know Stormbringer won't post my comment i am posting it here as, once again, what i'm asking for is pretty reasonable.what the hell stormy? 1. I don't recall ever telling you I was an atheist. 2. all I asked for was that you have the common decency to leave me out of your arguing with Alex. I don't care what you say to each other, Alex is an adult and can do as he pleases. In theory so are you.what reason would I (not alex, me) have to lie about being married to him? I've not defended Alex's opinions or methods (whether i agree with him or not) I've just said leave me out of it. Is that really so much to ask?

  2. You also left out the part where I asked you to apologise to me for being a bit of a jerk (you even admit it wasn't very nice in this post) and you refused to and started insulting me instead! I think you both argue like 3 year olds [sorry honey]. It'd be nice if you could actually show some of your Christian values and say ok, i think this lady's husband is a prick, i dont like him BUT regardless of that she hasnt done anything to me other than marry someone i dislike so i'll leave her out of it, entirely.and i'll ask you again. would you like wedding photos? a copy of my marriage licence? My UKBA spousal visa? Alex is married. it's just a fact. I'm his wife, and i dont want anything to do with your bickering. please.

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