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A nice response to Matt Slick’s TAG argument

Taken from here, who has reposted it from here

Replace ‘morality’ with ‘logic’ and you’ve got the basics of what Slick argues.

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5 thoughts on “A nice response to Matt Slick’s TAG argument

  1. oooooh!Brave guy posting it somewhere he'll never see is.

  2. ooooh!Brave guy posting for no good reason whatsoever!

  3. Hmm, I don't think all theistic-minded people approach atheism in this way. I've met atheists that I believe are 'moral' and kind individuals (I'm a theist). It seems more of a stereotype than a truth, on both parts, with the atheist portrayed as a cynical amoral person and the theist a pious hypocrite of some sort. One doesn't need to believe in God in order to be 'moral', I think the argument that apologists try to make is the underlying origin of that morality.Oh, and hello, just found your blog. I like the topics you discuss here, I was also taken aback by the number of posts in such a short amount of time.

  4. Just wrote a long reply that got swallowed. Basically I was saying that the only theists that seem to engage are the hardcore fundamentalists, so the 'self righteous' stereotype gets regularly reinforced (as does the 'angry atheist' one, when the fundies eventually cause us to bite back)Anyway, hello!

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