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Claiming to have done something doesn’t make it so

Have a listen to this

One of the fact deniers who sometimes comments here has had a bit of a cry to some other faith heads. In his message to them he states that he has repeatedly shown the logical fallacies of a couple of atheists….now, I know that he is either referring to me, Paul Baird, or Pvblivs, and I also know (because I’m desperate for him to show them to me) that he hasn’t demonstrated a SINGLE logical fallacy in the entire time I’ve been aware of him. He’s accused me countless times, and I’ve requested he show examples countless times….that he hasn’t managed to provide even a single instance says to me that either there aren’t any, or that he’s too slow to identify them.

Yet here he is, repeating his favourite lie, that he’s conclusively shown evidence of logical fallacy….despite never having done so. His behaviour is bizarre, and his delusions seem to be deep seated.

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2 thoughts on “Claiming to have done something doesn’t make it so

  1.      I find it rather interesting that Norman exhibits all the behavior about which he is complaining — especially the name-calling.

  2. Absolutely. Stormbringer is a master at projection and transference. I do wonder if his perception of reality is significantly different to ours, as his version of events is often so completely different from the real world.

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