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Armageddon Outta Here!

Gee whiz homophobe and Jesus lover, Rhomphaia has bashed out some vile stupidity today in the form of a post titled “The Sun This, The Sky That- WHO NEEDS IT ANYWAY?“. Via a series of Bible verses, Rhomph looks forward with excitement to the end of the World, as she believes this will herald the beginning of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

This got me thinking about the whole concept of Armageddon. Fundamentalist Christians all seem overly excited whenever world events take a turn for the worst, they seemingly relish news of imminent conflict if it involves the Middle East, or looks like it could start a Third World War.

Here’s a good example of the kind of language used by fundies, this is from a booklet called ‘The End of the World‘ from the Christadelphians….

Nuclear Holocaust?
So, when Jesus returns to set up the Kingdom of God, will our world be destroyed by fire? When Peter and Paul wrote those words the possibility of men being able to destroy the earth by fire would be way beyond their imagination. In our days it is a very real fear. It is no secret that there are enough nuclear weapons stockpiled literally to incinerate every living thing on the face of the earth and to leave it empty and waste.

Is this what the Bible foretells? Will there be a nuclear war?

Let’s look at the other evidence in the Bible, remembering Jesus endorsed all that was said by the Old Testament prophets, who foretold that the centre of events at the time of the end would he Israel and especially the city of Jerusalem.

The prophecies made centuries ago are startling in their relevance to our present world. They speak about Israel and the Jewish people as a power to be reckoned with among the nations; of Jerusalem being a major cause of trouble and concern; nations such as Persia (Iran), Libya, Ethiopia and a great northern power, with massive armaments, becoming a threat to world peace and invading Israel. 

….there’s a relish is in the language used which is almost demented! These people WANT the world to be destroyed in violence, actively look forward to billions of people dying in agony and fear just so they, the believers, can get their reward from Jesus!

And they wonder why non-believers don’t want Rapture Ready Christians anywhere near a position of power! Think about this, Sarah Palin literally believes that the world will end in an Armageddon which will climax with the return of Christ – do you want this woman anywhere near the power that would allow her to CAUSE the end?

I don’t think that the End of the World believing Christians (or Muslims, or any other faith that has an obscene obsession with the Earth ending in flame) should be allowed to attain political positions that would give them access to the means to kill us all.

Really, isn’t it the height of selfishness though? To allow almost every living thing to die just so they can get some prize from their deity? It’s obscene.

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2 thoughts on “Armageddon Outta Here!

  1. Here's Rhomphaia's thoughts on global warming:"Listen- God made the earth FOR US not the other way around. And it is COMPLETELY impossible for man to destroy it. Only God can do that- and He will -and it won't come as a shock when it happens. …..When it's all burning up- I'll give you a shout out and say 'this is global warming a la God"."February 6, 2011 2:26 AM

  2. Wow.That's fucked up.

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