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God sends a ‘powerful delusion’ to the writers of Please Convince Me

Seemingly unable to write about anything other than points I’ve brought up, the hapless apologists at Please Convince Me have, predictably, failed to convince. This time they’re arguing that several Bible verses that clearly show their god to be a liar (and proud of it) don’t actually mean that at all.

You can read the verses in my previous blog post.

Anyway, Al tries his best to explain away the meaning of the verses, and I recommend you take a couple of minutes to read what he says…the first half makes a load of claims about the nature of god for which Al doesn’t have any evidence at all (other than the similarly fact free musings of generations of theists) and the doublethink starts in the second half.

Talking about 1 Kings 22:23 Al says –

“He [Micaiah] is, essentially, conveying that Ahab’s “prophets” have deceived him and are not speaking God’s truth.”

Yet he SAYS “Yahweh has put a lying spirit into the mouth of all these your prophets.” – so is Micaiah lying and slandering Please Convince Me’s god? Surely if Al’s interpretation is correct then Micaiah is claiming that their god has done something that they say he hasn’t.

Let’s move forward, discussing Ezekiel 14:9

“This passage is, similarly, talking about God removing his guidance from false prophets and abandoning them to their false beliefs. Similar to the language used by Paul in his letter to the Romans, the thrust of this passage is that God will eventually abandon a person to his wrongful beliefs.”

Again, Please Convince Me make a claim that isn’t borne out by the text “I the LORD have deceived that prophet”. If their god was abandoning the individual to his own, wrong, beliefs, why doesn’t it say that? Is their god deliberately trying to create the wrong impression by guiding the supposedly inspired writer to use words that present YWHW as lying? Al’s explanation merely brings us back to a god who is dishonest, in my opinion.

Final verse, 2 Thess. 2:11

“This passage, like the previous one, reveals that God will eventually stop trying, and will abandon people to their evil desires and beliefs. In other words, he will not overcome their free will and make them believe the truth.”

Yet again, Al’s explanation doesn’t actually explain anything. The verse “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.” is very clear, YWHW has fooled the non-believers so that they will believe a lie. This is the exact opposite of Al’s claim that he’ll not “overcome their free will” – what else is he doing if not forcing them to believe a lie by ‘send[ing] them a powerful delusion’?

All Al’s done in this article is show that some believers will go to extraordinary lengths to deny what the text of the Bible means is what it says.

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