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"Muslamic Lore"

Fundie simpleton Rhomphaia (specialities – rank stupidity and quoting Bible verses) has allowed that ultra-right wing jizz-wit Stormbringer to post some Islamophobic ‘Oh noes SHARIA LAW!!!’ on her blog. The raging halfwit Stormy is no stranger to posting outright hatred aimed at non-Christians, then whining that people don’t ‘get’ his ‘sense of humour’ when he’s called on it.

This video has appeared on Youtube, and features a member of the English Defence League describing his fears in an….um….unique way. His incoherence and obvious lack of knowledge reminded me of Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, Rhomphaia and Stormbringer.

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One thought on “"Muslamic Lore"

  1. You can see his thoughts forming an orderly queue before he speaks. It's bigotry in slo mo.

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