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God – Father figure or Machine builder?

In the debate over whether a creation has any right to complain if its creator treats it badly, apologist Trent Collicutt made the following statement regarding artificially made intelligence –

My proposal

1 – If I make something, I own it and can do anything I want with it, including destroy it at my will.
2- I made this
3- Therefore I can do anything I want with it including destroy it.

Trent  appears to be of the opinion that, if he makes a machine, he owns it and can do anything he likes to it, even if that machine is self aware and proven to be sentient.

Let’s looks his opinion with a slight twist….

Trent has made a child with his partner. According to his own argument he owns it and can do anything he wants with it, including destroying it. After all, Trent has made the child using his and his partner’s DNA, by his own argument he owns that child, it is his belonging and he should be allowed to do anything he likes with it.

The Christian god repeatedly claims to be a father figure, treating humans as his children. Apologists like Trent present an argument that makes their deity a god that sees his children as belongings that he can treat how he pleases, even destroying them if he wants to.

If any human parent treated his children in the way the Christian god treats his creation in the Bible, Social Services would be knocking on the door faster than you can say ‘Abusive Father’

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2 thoughts on “God – Father figure or Machine builder?

  1. Thanks for posting your searing insight, and doing it under your name!

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