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Should the creation challenge a cruel creator?

Over at pleaseconvinceme, Apologist Al made the following comment in a discussion about whether humans have the right to call god on his crap –

“Do you think the pot has a “right” to challenge the potter? Should a robot have a moral basis to complain about its working conditions? Or why its creator does not work in the same way?”

The answer is very simple, and blindingly obvious to anyone with a shred of humanity. When we finally create genuine artificial intelligence then these rights will need considering, and codifying. In fact they’ve already been discussed in some circles –

So, to answer Al’s question, yes, the sentient robot has absolutely every right to expect to be treated like any other sentient being, even by its creator….especially by its creator.

It’s going to happen, probably in our lifetime. The next sentient species to arise on Earth won’t be an evolved organic, it’ll be the offspring of man, a sentient computer which will have just as much right to freedom as you or I.

The fact that humans realise this shows just how far we’ve come from our Bronze and Iron Age infatuations with gods….if only people like Al could see that.

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22 thoughts on “Should the creation challenge a cruel creator?

  1. I disagree. A machine is a machine and anything else is anthropomorphizing bull. Next you'll be telling me they've created an artificial soul.

  2. You're absolutely wrong, but thanks for posting!When we create something that is self aware, something that is properly alive, it will deserve the rights that any other sentient being has as a matter of right. Artificial soul? All souls are artificial creations of an artificial god.

  3. If it is a machine then it is only mimicking self-awareness. Passing the Turing test doesn't make you alive. It just means people are too stupid to tell the difference.

  4.      No one would explicitly program a robot to raise such an objection. If a robot ever does raise such an objection, it is good evidence for self-awareness.

  5. I think Anonymous raises a valid, if backhand, objection.While we non-Christians can accept the development of consciousness in beings other than humans, and the resultant rights issues, Christians cannot because it upsets the order set out in Genesis.It's interesting to watch Christians almost obligated to do this with anything that they feel threatens their faith.

  6. No. I mean that it is a thing. It isn't sentient. It just looks that way. High level simulation. Things aren't always the way they look on the surface.Faith in AI research is just as stupid as faith in a sky fairy. The only difference is you can show AI research exists. Doesn't mean it's more successful.

  7. Good evidence is not good evidence if it doesn't prove anything.

  8. "No. I mean that it is a thing. It isn't sentient. It just looks that way. High level simulation. Things aren't always the way they look on the surface."How do you know that YOUR sentience isn't an illusion? How do you know that you're not just experiencing complex animal instincts interacting? If something artificial were shown without any doubt to be genuinely alive, would you then agree that it deserved to be treated like any other sentient being? Or would you continue to argue that it wasn't really alive?

  9. If you have to question whether a human is sentient, how would you ever tell if a machine is sentient?

  10. Bananas are alive.

  11. Matt Slick would hand your arse to you within minutes.If you value your ego, go call Koukl at Stand to Reason.

  12. From what I see Matt Slick is almost stuffed to the eyeballs with bullshit.

  13. It isn't how full of it he is, it is whether you are up to the challenge of taking him on.

  14. "If you have to question whether a human is sentient, how would you ever tell if a machine is sentient? "I'm saying that sentience is far more complex than you seem to realise.So, again, tell me how you know YOU are sentient, before you start saying that something else isn't.

  15.      I think what Dawkins is saying is that Slick is so deceptive and slick that he can talk circles around anyone not specifically prepared to handle his brand of dishonesty — even though the facts are against Slick.

  16. Yeah, that's the impression I'm getting from the video's I've watched, he seems to specialise in needling atheists until they lash out back at him. Interesting thing is I've not seen a single instance of him 'winning' any debate.

  17. If I'm not sure of my sentience, what reason would I have to accept the sentience of a machine?You are just reinforcing my point.Prove I'm sentient, and then we can apply that as a starting point towards the machine.

  18. I don't think you are sentient, I think you're a simpleton.Those computers that are coming, on the other hand….

  19. So people who don't agree with you should be denied rights based on not being sentient?Go back and play with the fundies.

  20. You've every right, unlike some blogs I don't block or ban people, no matter how argumentative they are.So far you've denied that machines could ever be sentient to avoid answering a question, that and a small amount of attempting to bait me.Sorry mate, not going to work. If you want me to do anything more than ignore you, you're going to have to start posting using your name.

  21. regardless of my name, and my right to withhold it, I don't believe your silly idea.

  22.      Well, I have removed comments on my blog — mostly for abuse. But I haven't removed anybody's comments simply because he disagreed with me. I have done it to somebody for his "power play."

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