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A few observations about Christian Apologists.

Why, when I think of the word ‘apologist’ do I immediately get a mental image of someone who is aware that what they are saying is nonsense, or that they regret having to say it? I suppose the image is apt when it comes to a certain type of faith head….

I’ve noticed several repeating traits when dealing with Christians online – firstly, they almost without fail will ONLY engage on their own turf, in the comments of the blogs they run, or the messageboards they host…I guess this is so that they can immediately delete anything that disagrees with them, or refuse to publish contradictory information altogether (hello, Stormbringer’s Thunder!). They also seem to time and time again accuse atheists of ‘intellectual dishonesty’ when the non-believers refuse to move the goals and accept even part of the theist’s position – in fact the theists seem to almost demand that the non-believer accept certain ideas before they are willing to discuss them, witness arch bullshitter Joe Cienkowski blocking people on Twitter if they won’t say that Jesus was a real, historical, character.

The claim of ‘intellectual dishonesty’ is also trotted out if a non-believer doesn’t agree that some piece of tortured non-logic makes sense. For example, in a recent exchange about the nature of god I was accused of just this for refusing to see the apologists argument as anything other than entirely circular.

It would seem that apologists are so thoroughly brainwashed by their belief in the supernatural that they’re unwilling to accept that anyone might have a differing opinion…and heaven help you if you’re a former believer! You’ll be accused of never having believed/understood/anything else the theist can think of to discredit you.

Ultimately, I’d found theists to be some of the lease honest people to debate with, which is weird considering honesty is one of their supposed virtues.

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21 thoughts on “A few observations about Christian Apologists.

  1. Then maybe you should look for more challenging prey, if these aren't up to snuff.

  2. Yes, have a look at M and M or Glenn Peoples. Go up a weight division.

  3. Someone who needs taken down a peg is Matt Slick.

  4. I heard a bit of Matt Slick when he was talking bollocks with Stormbringer about their ridiculous assertion that atheism causes brain damage, he sounded like a right prick.

  5. Paul, can you supply me with any links? To be honest the pleaseconvinceme crowd are so thoroughly lacking that I feel I'm becoming stupid simply speaking to them

  6. has a live show and podcast where he dares any atheist anywhere to call him up and try to show where he is wrong about anything.It is hilarious.

  7. On his site, he has articles and sells courses on how to defeat atheists.

  8. Sounds like he might be worth taking a shot at. The pleaseconvinceme lot are a busted flush

  9. If you do do it, let us know so we can hear him get trashed. Should be fun.

  10. I just read your latest post. You're not ready for Slick.Maybe Koukle. He's into gentle nudging.

  11. You'll want to read about the (insane and debunked) transcendental argument before you talk to Slick.

  12. Leave it to you to publicly humiliate yourself and then claim victory. A tip if you ever get the nerve to call Matt Slick: Be civil. If you treat him like you treat Christians on the Internet, you'll get your head handed to you. If you're civil (like that's even possible!), you can have a nice discussion, like he wants to do. But since you get spanked in elementary logic and then cannot see your flaws, you'll do a frightfully poor job, coward.

  13. Stormbringer, you previously told me I was too much of a 'coward' to look at answersforatheists and pleaseconvinceme, then I went along, and found the 'experts' (your words) there utterly lacking in anything resembling a clue. They were hilarious, unable to do anything other than make circular arguments.So, if and when I decide to speak with Matt Slick, will you be back with yet another challenge, saying that I'm a 'coward' for not having taken it on?

  14. You might as well drop the "and when" part.Hard to take him on while claiming next to no knowledge.

  15. There are dozens of links that I made available. You pick two, act like an idiot on Weblogs, deliberately misunderstand, pick fights, ask appallingly stupid questions that anyone who took Introductory Logic would blush at asking — and then you claim that you're smarter than everyone else.You are intellectually dishonest, and a coward. If you were calling in and discussing issues, you could not hide behind your perverse bravado. When Matt Slick gets intelligent and civil atheists on the line, it is good for everyone. Losers get humiliated, as you most certainly would if you had the nerve.

  16. Still, I'd like to listen.

  17. Stormbringer, please show some examples of 'act[ing] like an idiot on Weblogs, deliberately misunderstand[ings], pick[ing] fights, ask[ing] appallingly stupid questions that anyone who took Introductory Logic would blush at asking — and then … claim[ing] ..[to be]… smarter than everyone else.'Just because your 'experts' are nothing but a bunch of backslapping deluded tools, doesn't mean any of the above accusation is true. So show some examples please, I'm guessing you'll fail, just like you did at the 'Stormbringer Challenge' – remember that? The simple challenge that you couldn't meet?I will call Matt Slick if and when I feel like it, I won't be pushed into action just to satisfy some maniac god-botherers who seem hell bent on point scoring.

  18. Like someone else said, make sure you are well versed in Slick's version of T.A.G. before you call.

  19. Shitbougar practices cargo cult "logic"; the words are there, but nary a valid syllogism.

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