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Another clarification

Something that is being repeatedly thrown in my face at the pleaseconvinceme theist backslap page is a comment I made about having studied Theology at University.

Over and over I’m getting comments along the lines of ‘I’d have thought that someone who claims an authority in Theology would know better than this, that, or the other’. Thing is, what I actually said on their blog was that I, with an incomplete degree, partially in Theology, actually made me more qualified than the so called experts they field. Yes, they have graduates writing for them, but not a single one has a degree in theology from a genuine university (I don’t count weirdo independent faith schools as genuine), the writers with proper degrees are trained in things like maths, and law.

It was a throwaway remark, but it’s been used a few times now by the god botherers as an attempt to belittle me. Oh well, guess they don’t like it that me, with virtually NO qualifications am still more qualified than they are!

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One thought on “Another clarification

  1. I don't see how having people with degrees in law, math, or engineering is something to mock when you are trying to argue about logic, when you compare it to a partial degree on something you reject as crap.I went over and looked, and what I saw wasn't people getting their ass kicked, but you being asked to defend your position and to defend claims you made. I see you responding that having to meet the same standards as you were demanding pedantic and just a smoke screen to every poster having to prove everything you could think of absolutely and conclusively.If these people aren't much of a challenge, I have a suggestion. CARM has a call in show that is podcast. They accept Skype calls. You get to trash the guy on live radio. Unless these guys are about as deep as you think you can handle.

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