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A comment from the Please Convince Me blog

AL, one of the apologists over at Please Convince Me, responded to the debate about the existence or otherwise of gods, here’s his most recent post (quoted) and my response.

“Your claim is that there is no God. You say that you have reasons to support that. But rather than provide a valid argument – i.e. evidence and inferences from that evidence – you instead explain how a God myth arose.”

Valid arguments against the existence of the Christian god would, IMO, include those that can show the Bible the be incorrect about the history of the planet. The overwhelming evidence of evolution directly refutes the 6 days creation story of Genesis – the two are contradictory. Some Christians try to get around this by claiming the six days represent ages of the Earth, but a careful examination of the Hebrew shows that the writer very clearly meant 6 literal, 24 hour, days.

If the Bible is wrong about the very origins of life then how can it be trusted about anything else? Especially if the evidence of modern archaeology seems to show that the entire early history of the Jews as laid out in the earlier parts of the OT are nothing more than propaganda put together during the reign of Josiah.

Here’s a thought for you – did you know that, far from being an invading force that conquered the Canaanites, the Israelites ARE the Canaanites, the native people people Canaan?

“This type of argument involves the genetic fallcy. You are explaining why Christains might be wrong without first showing that they are wrong.”

Well, I’ve just shown you where Genesis believing literalists are wrong.

“The arguments for the existence of God conform to logic. They may be wrong, and they do not prove that God is the God of the Bible, but they are not “rationalizations” in the sense you are using that term.”

No, the don’t, they fall down horribly when it comes to logic, in fact they rely upon a suspension of logic which is breathtaking.

“Our discussion at this point has become a variant of “is too” “is not.” I think we’ve reached an impasse.”

As Sam Harris has correctly stated, this is a discussion where one side WILL be wrong, and the other WILL be right. So far the evidence is overwhelmingly against the Christian position.

“Thanks for weighing in.”

You’re welcome.

It looks like I’ve finally hit the point where they’ve name checked me in a post, better go and read it!

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