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Chris Taylor, Racism and Insanity

He may now have skipped from @BZ1461 to @WASP1461, but Chris Taylor, wannabe teacher of Conroe, Texas, is still as bonkers as ever. Starting a new account seems to have encouraged Chris to greater levels of racism than we’ve previously seen….

Wow, some very ugly opinions there, Chris!

This one though, this make me laugh out loud

Brilliant, Chris, just brilliant!

Needless to say, this man must never be allowed to become a teacher.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Taylor, Racism and Insanity

  1. "Orientals" – a pet peeve of mine and a sign of a bigot. The vases are Oriental, the people are Asian.

  2. trace: Oddly in the UK calling an Asian(chinese, japanese, korean) 'Oriental' is common place as 'asian' usually refers to somone from the indian subcontient here … i still find 'oriental' SO offensive but it's not meant 'that way' here…

  3. kittenmoo, I was unaware of that, thank you. Consider my indignity reined in.

  4. oh don't reign it in…CL taylor is american so he knows he's being a racist prick :p

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