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Bob Zuinski/Chris Taylor

A couple of people have said to me that they think Bob and Chris are different people, here’s why I think they’re not.

The Twitter profile, notice the same oddities of punctuation –

Now, let’s have a look at some tweets – I’ve mixed them up and removed the names – can you work out which is which?

Which is which? I say they read as if they’re written by the same person.

Finally, here’s the first link between the two, ‘Bob’ messaged Chris to tell him his spelling was poor (it was one of ‘Bob”s first tweets), I commented that I thought he was the same person….and ‘Bob’ immediately claimed to never have heard of CLTaylor, I replied that he’d literally just sent a tweet to him…you can see his response below.

I’m 100% certain they’re the same person, my final proof is that Chris stopped tweeting on the 3rd of March, the same day as Bob opened his account and started.

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One thought on “Bob Zuinski/Chris Taylor

  1.      You do realize that there are several other christians (e.g. Norman) that you could add as possible sources to those "tweets" and we still couldn't rule out any of them. One problem is that fundamentalists seem to engage in "groupthink." So it can be difficult to determine whether you are dealing with one or one hundred. But I will recognize that the timing coincidence is suspicious.

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