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More Rubbish from

Rapidly becoming the least convincing site on the web, doesn’t appear to be capable of telling the truth about anything. From this article comes the following bum gust….

“Instead, most skeptics I’ve dealt with have developed a comfort level regarding the “unknowability” of ultimate things.”

That’s incredible, because most sceptics I know have an understanding of the Bible that easily matches or surpasses that of the faithful, at least a basic understanding of evolutionary biology, a knowledge of how geology works, and answers for practically any question a faith head throws at them!

I wonder where these ‘yeah, whatever’ sceptics talk about are all hiding!

Every last skeptic I know (and I know a LOT these days) has answers for the questions these pro-Christian sites present. They will point out to them that there’s no evidence at all for a worldwide flood, that the very star light falling on our eyes at night contradicts the Bible’s claims of the age of the earth, that modern archaeology in Israel has turned up no evidence for the Exodus, the lives of the patriarchs, or even the veracity of stories like the fall of Jericho (a city that was not fortified, and may not have even been built at the time the OT claims it fell).

Atheism is growing (yup, growing, don’t believe the lies that some sites will feed you) because ALL the evidence points to there being no gods, no supernatural beings, and no heaven or hell for us to aspire to or fear.

It may be a slow process, but give it a couple of hundred years and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be in the majority, and mankind will finally be able to ditch its dependence upon an invisible all powerful parent who has done his best to prevent us leaving home.


One of the writers of accused me of making generalisations about the beliefs of theists when I said that, almost without fail, they describe the Universe as looking designed….

“You can’t claim in a previous post that Christians believe x because Joe Christian said so”

But in their article ‘Getting to the First Cause‘ they do exactly that, stating –

“The universe, and all that is it in, is like the engine. Knowing how it works doesn’t change the answer to the real question at play: how was it built? Did a mind design and construct it, or did it just happen?”

So, they got annoyed with me for saying they did something they’d done? How very odd!

Believers, and Creationists especially, have a certain number of well rehearsed answers to questions about their faith, ones that have been debunked time and time again. They need to get a set of new responses if they don’t like being called on their constant repetition of the same old lines.

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