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Fundie Top Trumps: Miss Raissa

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3 thoughts on “Fundie Top Trumps: Miss Raissa

  1. Don't you have anything constructive to do? "I hate Christians! I hate God! Waaaa! Waaaa!" You're a tedious, hateful, boring little boy. Are you going to have your alleged wife fight for you again?

  2. @Stormbringer,All this whining from the guy who dedicates their entire profile to 'omg jesus!'.Supposing Skygod Crankypants were out there somewhere (the doctrine of the bible makes that an impossibility) do you really think its reading your blogspot profile?Then why post it except for the "Look at me! I'm special because I can't recognizes that the gospels are bigoted and mysogynistic tripe. I am SO going to Heaven LOLOL".Dick.

  3. T-minus 10 to Stormbringer claiming that Mike W is me….

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