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The LAST EVER Stormbringer Post, I Promise!

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5 thoughts on “The LAST EVER Stormbringer Post, I Promise!

  1. Prove it. You keep putting words in my mouth, I keep smacking you down. No, what you think it means is not what it says, Snookums. You're more evil than Basement Cat, but 1/4 as smart.I do question your alleged wife's intelligence, however. How could anyone stand you for more than ten minutes?But… You say you're married…prove it. Why should I believe an insane atheist liar?

  2. How do you want it proved, do you want me to scan my marriage certificate? wedding photos?and as for my intelligence would you like a scan of my dual degree, a copy of my transcripts, a letter of recommendation? my GRE scores?

  3. I can scan my spousal visa if you like as i am an American, would that fact i have proved to the UK government that alex and i are married satisfy you?funny thing is -I- can prove my claims, a commonality I cant say we share with each other.

  4. hell I can even give you a precis of my PhD thesis if you like.

  5. you lied you posted more

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