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Just how low will some Christian Fundamentalists stoop?

We’ve already seen that a certain breed of fundamentalist Christian will think nothing of telling a lie if they think the result will ‘save souls’, but how low are they prepared to go?

Today Stormbringer, a man who holds himself up as a true and just Christian showed us. In answer to another blogger asking if I was married he posted this –

Yup, he called my wife, a woman who has nothing whatsoever to do with any discussions between Stormbringer and I, a whore.

Well done Stormbringer, you’re doing more to turn people away from your brand of fundie-loonbaggery than I ever could.


My wife, not unreasonably, requested an apology from Stormbringer. She did this without name calling, or taking any sides, here is his response…..

(Click to make it bigger.)

Doesn’t look much like an apology to me!

Don’t have a hissy, kitty. I spanked Alexandra for putting words in my mouth (which I think he likes), I have both of you doing it now. That don’t won’t hunt, Cupcake.

And what does it matter? Alex(andra) shows his alleged morality all the time. What if I did say what he’s accusing me of? Atheist “morality” is situational at best. My morality could be situational and relative in a different way. So, nobody has a right to complain, innit?

Actually, Stormbringer, your holy book is very specific on what is right and wrong. Whilst non-believers aren’t compelled to adhere to its commands, you absolutely are. That means you have a morality that you are TOLD to follow, in case I’m going too fast for you. There should be no ‘situational’ or ‘relative’ morality when it comes to a Christian, only the absolute morality that’s imposed by your deity.

It gets better…

How do I know that he is married? He said so, and then gets some chick on the internet to say, “I’m his wife, and I’m twisting your words so I can pretend to be offended!” She’s your wife? Prove it. You make the claim, you back it up. I have no reason to believe you.

After all, atheists have situational “morality” and Alexandra has shown a distinct lack of character (I won’t even waste my time discussing his lack of reasoning skills now).

Besides, atheists are notorious for not being married, they just live together and pretend that it’s real.

Wow! So not content with not apologising for calling my wife a prostitute (and setting aside the fact that you’ve called me a drunkard and the kind of man who would go to hookers in the first place!), you’re now saying that she’s probably some woman pretending, and even if she’s not we’re probably not actually married?? Brilliant reasoning Sherlock! And you’ve not once said ‘sorry’….

And how about that ‘atheists pretend to be married’ slur? That’s a new one huh?

All of this is based on how Alex Rotten, the rejected Sex Pistol, chose to twist my words from a lame joke into something that I did not say.

‘Alex Rotten, the rejected Sex Pistol’ – wow, what a current, zeitgeisty reference! All the kids are going to think you’re SUPER COOL name dropping such a happening band!

Also, it’s funny how atheists suddenly appeal to morality and higher standards, claiming there is no God, but yet I have to please him. Why? You are trying to tear down my faith, why can’t I be just like you, with my own situational morality? Appealing to “that ain’t right” indicates a Higher Power, a Rulemaker. Face palm!

Alex(andra), you’ve just been shot with your own gun. 

Why can’t you be just like me? Well, there’s one reason you can’t, your god tells you not to be! OOPS! There you go! You AREN’T ALLOWED to deviate away from your god’s absolute morality! If you do it’s a SIN! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Looks like you’re sinning all over the place! The funny thing is, I could behave in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY and I wouldn’t be committing ANY sin at all!! See how it works? 

Y’see, Stormbringer, even if you were right about everything you said (which you’re not, if you need clarification) then it still wouldn’t matter to me, because I’m not facing any punishment WHATSOEVER for anything I do! You, on the other hand, have a list of sins as long as your rambling incoherent blog posts, that you now have to do a lot of work to have forgiven by your god!

Hilarious, isn’t it? I bet you wish I was right now, and that there wasn’t an invisible sky daddy watching everything you do, pad in hand, keeping score of all your misdeeds!

Ultimately, all you’ve done here is walk into a situation where YOU’VE offended the sensibilities of your god by lying, baring false witness, judging others, and making libellous comments.

Think on this. When you’re praying for forgiveness later, I’ll be getting on with my life, not giving a fuck about the whole thing.


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18 thoughts on “Just how low will some Christian Fundamentalists stoop?

  1. Yeah, Paulie, "Wow". Love how you lot stick together, even when you are the intellectual superior of this jerk.Actually, you Moronicus Alexis Rex, I'm saying that you don't know what marriage is. How could anyone stand you for more than a few minutes?Poor Mr. Sensitive has to imagine insults to his alleged wife so he can urinate in people's faces even more. Welcome to Atheist Loser Fest Extravaganza!

  2. You're a worm.

  3. Storm: He is married. To me. I appreciate the Christian sentiment of insulting a person who has never spoken to you. You and Alex can argue all you want, but leave me and my marriage out of it please.

  4. I'm amazed at the way Stormy B and Mrs Stormy B (who, when they get going, write in such a way that it's impossible to tell them apart) are deleting comments that contain swearing, but leaving insults and libels from themselves up!Very Christian.

  5. Captain Insult himself, you two-faced lying hypocrite! She has all kinds of slander and libel from you still on her site. I invite people to see that your weaselhood extends beyond this Weblog of insane hateful rages and your lame Twitter nonsense.All because of twisting my words into something I did not say. Alexandra loves to do that, and I have taken him apart on my Weblog for it more than once. Idiot.Here's your answer, Bubbles.

  6. Stormbringer, your delusional state, and level of transference, are breath-taking. What you think has happened, and what actually happened is so completely different that I sometimes wonder if you're even reading the same web pages.You've not once successfully refuted a single word I've said, despite your repeated claims that you have (I told you before, repeating a lie over and over doesn't make it true)I've asked you to supply examples of logical fallacies and other errors you've accused me of, you've come up dry.You're a failure of epic proportions.And you aren't even enough of a man to apologise when you've acted like a total cunt.

  7. When did you ever show anyone else an ounce of respect? When did you ever show an ounce of logic? Your thinking is, "Oh, look! Xtians! Soft targets! I can urinate in their faces and they have to take it, saying, 'Please, Mr. Atheist, whiz in my face again, I'll take it in the name of Jesus!'" Doesn't work that way. When you get 1/100th of what you give out, you cry like a little schoolgirl, now you're hiding behind Kitty's skirts. What an inspiring real man.I love atheistic hypocrisy and double standards. Keep on humiliating yourself in public, Buttercup, I'll keep helping you.

  8. See? There's another example of how completely back to front you've got things. When I criticise some element of belief I explain why, I give evidence to back myself up, and I do it in a coherent way.You've claimed repeatedly that I've commited logical fallacies, but when I've asked you to show them to me you've claimed that you 'can't be bothered' or that you're 'too busy'.My repeated requests for evidence from you have been met with jibes and insults, and now, when you've made a huge mistake and insulted someone who has nothing to do with this whole thing, you're not even able to accept that you're in error and apologise!I have nothing to hide, and I don't hide my twitter feed or moderate comments on this blog – you do both with yours, I'm guessing you don't like people having opinions that don't chime with your worldview? As I don't hide anything, it's very easy for people to read both sides of a debate, and make up their own minds. In this case the feedback I'm getting is very unfavourable to you.Stormbringer, I am sorry that you have problems that cause you to be so constantly furious, I'm sorry if your faith doesn't supply you with many answers or facts, and I'm even sorry that you're constantly humiliated by people you look down on. Having said that, I'm not going to facilitate your madness further – if you can't reply with an apology to Kat, then you needn't bother replying at all.

  9. Kat, I'm sorry that you're married to an insane liar, bully, hypocrite and essentially furious-at-everyone dolt.

  10. but, wait, I'm not married to -you- storm…*innocent look*

  11. Do you know that he wears your clothes?

  12. This post has been removed by the author.

  13. Do you realize that, because I don't have to fear everything different from me, even if he did I wouldn't care?

  14. "I'll be getting on with my life, not giving a fuck about the whole thing."That doesn't explain why you're obsessed with me.

  15. "That doesn't explain why you're obsessed with me."Shitbougar has a point. as a rational atheist looking on, I have to say that you are wasting your time and really not advancing our interests. Your posts warning about that Texan child abuser/teacher are time well spent, but taking shots at the lowest of the low like Sb just puts the two of you on a level.

  16. Anonymous, I agree. Dealing with Stormbringer is nothing more than getting down into the gutter with him. I'll do my best to avoid it in future.

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