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Ray Comfort on The Atheist Experience

I almost started to feel sorry for him after half an hour, as his arguments were demolished over and over again.

Some short thoughts on Christianity

You see, here’s the thing believers, Christian beliefs look ludicrous when written down. Seriously, try it – if you’re a believer try recording yourself saying what you believe, and I bet you’ll not be able to get all the way through without laughing.

Angels? Supernatural lying spirits? A god that’s more concerned with human sexuality than he is saving the lives of millions of starving children in Africa? Stories of a global flood that left zero evidence and wasn’t recorded by the surrounding nations who lived through it without noticing? Stories of an Exodus and invasion that similarly left no evidence, including no records AT ALL in the Egyptian archives? The miraculous birth of a man-god who did such amazing things that not a single contemporary writer mentioned him? The same man crucified by Pontius Pilate, despite the fact that in all the records of executions from that time he isn’t mentioned?

It takes a huge amount of faith to believe such nonsense! The fact is the Bible ISN’T true, it’s isn’t good history, the Old Testament represents the hopes of 7th Century Judah under the reign of Josiah, and later the hopes of post exile Jewry, whilst the New Testament is told through the filter of Paul, a man who lied about his reason for going to Damascus (the High Priest of Jerusalem had no authority in Damascus, as it was in a different province).

These are some of the reasons why I, and millions of others, have left Christianity.

No True Scotsman Revisited

We’ve already seen Mad Joe Cienkowski, Creationist Bullshitter, using the ‘No True Scotsman‘ fallacy when former Christians have identified themselves to him (he doesn’t believe in former Christians, just like he doesn’t believe in accurate history, biology, or facts), but today rage filled Fundie mentalist, Storm ‘I’ll call anyone who doesn’t agree with me a lying scumbag’ Bringer has trotted it out.

In response to a fellow Christian popping up on his comments to apologise on behalf of Stormbringer, the angry one replied in typically furious fashion –

Jesus Will Save said…
Dear atheists, I want you to know that the majority of Christians are not as bad as Stormbringer. His behavior has no bearing on the truth of Christianity. Do not judge us all by his actions. Jesus loves you.

Stormbringer said…
There is nothing that I like better than self-righteous, shallow, judgmental Christians. (By the way, what gives you the qualifications to know about “the majority of Christians”, or even the right to speak this way?) It is people like you that helped push me away from the faith for about fifteen years. IF… Examine yourself, to see that you are, indeed, in the faith. (2 Cor. 13.5) But I strongly suspect that you are not really in the faith. There are many atheists pretending to be Christians out there.

“There is nothing that I like better than self-righteous, shallow, judgmental Christians” he furiously harrumphs, before slipping into a quick bout of shallow self-righteous judgement.

All because another believer pointed out that not all of them were as mad as Stormy B. Rather than taking stock, realising that he’s been posting hate filled arse gravy, and mending his ways, Stormbringer has trained his rage guns on ‘Jesus Will Save’ and accused him of not being a Christian at all!

No wonder Stormy ‘forgot’ to mention his main blog when he wrote in to Evidence 4 Faith, can’t have the bile he regularly churns out in the name of Christ made public! No doubt he’ll be delighted to know that I’ve dropped Evidence 4 Faith a line, responding to the recent lies he told about myself and several others, and pointing them to his main site, and adding a side link to Rhomphaia’s idiocy-fest so they can see his true colours. No need to thank me Stormy, I’m sure it was a simple oversight that prevented you linking them to your homophobia, islamophobia, and other nastiness!


‘Jesus Will Save’ responded to Stormy’s accusation with good grace, only to receive this reply from the ‘great’ man…

Blogger Stormbringer said…
Either a phoney, or a brain-dead Jesus cheerleader. You fit what I described a few times in my other Weblog, “A Soldier for Jesus”, and I bet you could learn some things from it. You won’t like it, because I’m not advocating your style: Everyone get together, sing songs and have a group hug. Did you know that Jesus wasn’t always Captain Nice? Nor were Paul, John the Baptist and others. So don’t put your touchie-feelie churchianity on me. Perhaps you can examine yourself and repent of your judgmental, superior attitude? Again, types like you helped push me away from my faith, and I was away from it for about fifteen years. If I had come across you a year ago, I might not have come back to Jesus!

I’m sure Jesus is very proud of Stormbringer, what a spokesman for Christianity he is!

A nice response to Matt Slick’s TAG argument

Taken from here, who has reposted it from here

Replace ‘morality’ with ‘logic’ and you’ve got the basics of what Slick argues.

After his outright humiliation yesterday….

…..our friend Stormbringer has been hard at work, writing his own spin on events. It’s comedy gold, though probably not for the reasons he thinks. I don’t think even Mad Joe Cienkowski is as deluded as this chap.

Read and ‘enjoy’

I’m now as qualified as Kent Hovind!

Yes, it may be from an unaccredited degree mill, but that’s no different from Kent’s, is it?


Yes, a few months ago I said I’d never post about him again, and now I have. But really, he’s just too funny to place off limits!

So here’s the deal, I’ll mention Stormbringer whenever he does something so breathtakingly stupid that it has to be covered. Now, you may say ‘But Alex, surely that means you’ll have to blog about him all day every day, what with him being a hapless nutcase and all?’, yes, I could indeed blog constantly about him, in fact I could set up a whole new blog to house all his stupidity….and I might. But then again I might not.

Anyway, whenever Mr Infinite Rage makes a tool of himself, I’ll be sure to post it….if it’s properly funny.

Compare and contrast

This screen shot is from Rhomphaia’s blog, and was posted a few minutes ago by everyone’s favourite fundie, the top post is from the same chap, posted on here back in January. 
Here’s his response, hilariously he claims to have ‘mis-spoke’ and that I’m taking him ‘out of context’ before claiming that the statement he’d made about me was actually a fallacy that I’d come up with! Classic!!
Yeah, I posted about this nutbar again, but only because it’s so fucking funny.

Claiming to have done something doesn’t make it so

Have a listen to this

One of the fact deniers who sometimes comments here has had a bit of a cry to some other faith heads. In his message to them he states that he has repeatedly shown the logical fallacies of a couple of atheists….now, I know that he is either referring to me, Paul Baird, or Pvblivs, and I also know (because I’m desperate for him to show them to me) that he hasn’t demonstrated a SINGLE logical fallacy in the entire time I’ve been aware of him. He’s accused me countless times, and I’ve requested he show examples countless times….that he hasn’t managed to provide even a single instance says to me that either there aren’t any, or that he’s too slow to identify them.

Yet here he is, repeating his favourite lie, that he’s conclusively shown evidence of logical fallacy….despite never having done so. His behaviour is bizarre, and his delusions seem to be deep seated.

Deliverance, the most retarded band of all time?

If we’re to go by the lyrics and ham-fisted playing of their non-hit ‘What a Joke’, it would seem that US metallers Deliverance are some of the most horrible people you could wish to avoid meeting.

First, here’s the song, in all it’s dimwitted, homophobic ‘glory’ –

Some believers, instead of reacting with the kind of disdain any normal human being would experience, seem to think that this song is a hard hitting ‘tell it like it is’ faithfest, something to be championed.

The lyrics are beyond belief….

I’m so tired of all this guile
Homos saying they’re not perverted
It’s an alternative lifestyle

Law enforcement, politicians and businessmen
These days with most of them
Corruption is a synonym

We fight this battle not against evil
Against those who think they are good
I’ve not stolen, murdered or destroyed
God will let me in!
What a joke
God will laugh at your calamity
What a joke
He will mock when your terror comes

Wannabe intellects spew
“There is no God”
Proving themselves fools, liars and frauds

Remnant prays this battle against evil
Against those who perceive they are right
They’ve not stolen, murdered or destroyed
God must let them in!
What a joke
God will laugh at your calamity
What a joke
He will mock when your terror comes
What a joke
Despising knowledge, choosing not to fear
What a joke
Complacency of fools will destroy

Voice overs:
STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: You know it’s like a certain lady said, “You’re god, I’m god, we’re all god, all religion is good
All paths lead to the same destination
ANSWER: Yeah, the Judgement Seat of Christ

STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in God
ANSWER: Yea, well God doesn’t believe in atheists

STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: Well everybody knows the Bible is full of contradictions
ANSWER: Your ignorance is what the contradiction is. Why don’t you show me a couple, we’ll deal with them

STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: I’m going to party with all my friends in hell
ANSWER: Not even worthy of an answer

STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: The world is at least one hundred million years old, you know, where’s that leave your Christian Bible?
ANSWER: Well carbon fourteen dating has also been proven wrong by showing that living things have been dead for thousand years

STATEMENT OF IGNORANCE: How are we supposed to know if there is a God if we can’t see Him?

What a joke!

Homophobia, lack of understanding of geology, theology, politics….it’s all there, grunted out by a total fucking dick who claims to be a follower of Christianity. I think it’s disgusting, and I’m not alone – let’s hear what former Deliverance bass player, Brian Khairullah had to say about Christianity….

I think Christianity is like any other of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of religions that have been created by humans across the millennia: its sole purpose is to control, manipulate, keep captive in fear and guilt all of its adherents. Religion poisons and destroys. Most of the followers of christianity, like any other religion, do not see themselves as victims of deception and honestly believe that there is a (sometimes) omni-everything deity who loves them personally and takes active interest in every minute part of their lives. They are just normal people caught up in the culture they were raised in.

Then there are those who revel in lording their religion over others, telling non-believers they “will be laughing while they watch you burn in hell” (really – I’ve heard this from MANY believers), condemning people for being human or whatever their humanity has made them, denying scientific FACT in favor of ancient, ignorant superstitions. This is not limited to religious leaders, but also includes the most zealous, the most “religious”, and these are the most dangerous. These are the people who will murder doctors, fly planes into buildings, deny scientific and medical research that promise breakthroughs that will benefit all of humanity because they believe certain types of “cells” contain souls and can potentially become human. They believe themselves to be The Righteous, The True, The Defenders – but they are evil and destructive and filled with hate. (from here)

Brilliant, couldn’t have said it better myself, Brian. His point about ‘those who revel in lording their religion over others, telling non-believers they “will be laughing while they watch you burn in hell”‘ really reminds me of some theists I’ve encountered online, theists who think that Deliverance are brilliant.


Brian’s blog post about his journey from faith to atheism is worth a read, click here to do so.

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