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John Frum, the Cargo Cult Messiah

Rather than going into a long post here, I’m going to point you at this article on Damn Interesting about John Frum and the Cargo Cults.

Have a quick read, then pop back…

…ok? Good.

The myth of John Frum originates from a time when global record keeping was far superior to that of the time of Christ. and it’s entirely possible that the man that inspired them might still be alive, yet no-one knows who John Frum was/is. Less than 70 years later we have no clue who he was.

Now consider that the earliest Christian Gospels were written at least 30 years after the events they claimed to narrate, in a world where the only way a story could be passed on would be via word of mouth, isn’t it then easy to see that Jesus could have been an inflated version of someone else, or not existed at all?

If the modern world cant work out who a man was when that man may very well still be with us, why would we believe that the more primitive people of two thousand years ago would do better?

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