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After a day of relative calm, C L Taylor is back on the Bullshit Express

Any thoughts that C L Taylor might have taken a lesson from his sudden twitter outing appear to have been misplaced. After a day of keeping (for him) a low-ish profile, he’s back to his swaggering, stupid ‘best’ today –

Yes, that’s right Chris, keep telling yourself that. The likelihood is that Chris isn’t even smarter than 75% of his own household, which probably includes a dog with a greater IQ score. For this clearly cretinous idiot to think that he’s smarter than three quarters of the ‘entire population of the world!’ shows just how deluded he is.

Perhaps he’s learned some lessons though, perhaps he’s realised that stating that he’ll abuse his position as a teacher to push his religious beliefs on his students isn’t a good idea. I mean, he’s bright enough to realise that boasting about going against the Constitution is a bad idea? Surely he’s picked up on that?

Apparently not! So, not only is he insisting that he’ll abuse his role as a teacher, but he’s then saying he’ll sue any school that tries to stop him? Wow! I’m sure they’ll all be queueing up to hire him now, especially after I’ve emailed all the schools in his district to make them aware of what a catch he is!

But there’s more!

That’s us told! Don’t ’embrass’ Chris or you risk messing with his family’s money!! What this even means is beyond me, considering that he seems to be working as a part time security guard whilst his wife, Anita, does the same thing full time.

Yesterday Chris made out that I was stalking him, far from it, I’ve just shown him how incredibly easy it is to track an individual down if they live in a tiny town and insist on using Facebook and Twitter. Even today he seems to be unaware that the people he wants to get jobs from are just as able to find out this information as I’ve been.

Chris, I warned you yesterday, and today you’ve carried on your idiotic rants. I’ve now no option but to email the schools in your local district to make them aware of your views.

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