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Christian Whines Childishly About Being Called Childish

Some more absolute stupidity from the QueenQueequeg blog, this time she’s complaining that atheists accuse her of childishness, and then claims she’s being abused! It gets Brass Eye-esque when she says this in the comments –

Therefore- if I am indeed childish and some of them would like to indoctrinate me by tearing down my doctrines that were established only in adulthood—- are they child-abusing me?

4 minutes 44 seconds into the 2001 Brass Eye Paedophile Special, there’s a moment that reminds me of Rhombalombalala’s post. Click here to see the show, skip forward to 4:44 to see the bit I mean. If for any reason you can’t click on it, Chris Morris asks some members of the public for their reaction to the following statement ‘Dear Sir, I am a Paedophile, please can I have sex with this three year old now that she is twenty one’. They all react with horror and say things like ‘no way!’

Claiming that atheists trying to ‘indoctrinate’ her (what with? Facts? Forcing her not to go to church on Sundays??) is a form of child abuse, because the atheists say her theistic view are childish, is thoroughly ludicrous. Hasn’t stopped her squeezing out a whole blog post about it though….

Listen, Rhombula Conundrum, no-one can ‘child abuse’ you, as you’re not a child. It’s simple.

If that’s the kind of brain farts that pass for ‘logic’ in Christian fundie heads, then it’s no wonder that they’re so susceptible to believing the kind of arse guff that Ken Ham, Kent Hovind, and Ray Comfort vomit out of their nonsense flaps.

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4 thoughts on “Christian Whines Childishly About Being Called Childish

  1. OH my! What a sweet young man you are darling.Listen- the context was; many atheists claim that it is child abuse to raise a child up under Christian teachings- if that be so- and (they also say) that I'm "childish" for believing in 'fairy tales' (Bible)- then therefore when they try to convert me with evolution- is that abusive to me? Yes, specifically "child abuse" since they label me as "child-like"?The Bible says its good to have "child-like" faith anyway dear so….I'll keep it.If I turn into an atheist- I could develop a potty mouth and children aren't supposed to talk that way…. 😉

  2. It's not 'child abuse' because you're not a child, you logic bereft mong.

  3. Hey, Alexandra! You've gone onto her Weblog with your massive ego and tiny brain, spouting profane abuse and being a bully to Rhomphaia. Why do you think I don't want to waste time "debating" you? Twit.By the way, you owe both of us an apology for your incredibly stupid assertion that she is my sock puppet. You are constantly showing the intellectual deficiencies and brain damage that atheism cause.

  4. Aha, now that makes sense. A touch of the old PSD I think.

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