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C L Taylor, on a Bullshit Roll

This is Chris Taylor, he lives in Conroe, Texas, and fancies himself as a teacher….he’s also been on a bit of a twitter roll today, sharing his ‘thoughts’ on several matters.

He has hopes to become a teacher again, but should he be allowed to? Have a look at his posts below (which he, hilariously stupidly, calls Students ‘stds’) and think – would you want this man anywhere near your kids?

Interesting eh? Openly admitting that he’ll abuse any teaching position to push his beliefs, and showing what can only be described as a staggering ignorance of every single topic he discusses, Chris Taylor should never ever be allowed near children. His entire twitter timeline stands as a monument to the racism and idiocy of this individual.

He claims that he was a Sam Houston University alumni, but either that University isn’t very good, or Chris Taylor is a liar who never went (I suppose a third option, that he went and failed every class, is another possibility)

Here’s the thing – I’m going to gather contact information for the School Boards in C L Taylor’s district, and then I’m going to send them a link to the lunacy, racism, bigotry, and stupidity of his feed. There’s no way any responsible adult could allow this maniac near kids.

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30 thoughts on “C L Taylor, on a Bullshit Roll

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. People as ignorant and as arrogant as this, who also happen to be foolish enough to spew their vile online, deserves to be pointed out as the pathetic person he

  2. I've got a list of the schools in his area now, next step will be linking them up with his twitter feed. With any luck this maniac will never teach.

  3. All atheists need to read this, especially those in Texas

  4. I don't know, could be satire.

  5. I hoped it was satire, but I now doubt that it is. The general tone is far too hateful.

  6. His timeline is an endless stream of stupidity, racist nonsense, wilfull ignorance of science, and messed up politics.

  7. At the risk of sounding like an idiot (and a quick scan of my twitter feed is a monument to how much I don't care that i sound like an idiot) are we sure this is really CL Taylor and not someone trying to make this guy look like a tool? Maybe Taylor has enemies or pranksters for 'friends'? Not that I care to defend this guy, or that I don't believe there are ppl here in Texas who think like this and should be illuminated. I just suggest we don't jump to conclusions here. There may be multiple explanations. If it turns out he really is this big jerk off, throw the textbook at him. Hard. Just y'know, tread carefully when destroying ppl's careers is all I'm asking.

  8. I think he demonstrates the main reason why it's so difficult to have a decent or rational argument with so many people like him. they are simply too stupid, misinformed and misguided.I mean you could try to tell them that equating socialism with hitler is plain ridiculous but they wouldn't concede a basic, historical/political fact, so how are you going debate more complex issues such as religion and science?and having people like that as teachers?? it's just too scary to imagine.

  9. I know a guy whose going to Sam Houston. Because he was too dumb to get into any other college. And did I mention he's a horribly biased/ignorant fundamentalist Christian?

  10. Zach, I've asked him directly via his facebook page to confirm or deny that these are his tweets. If he doesn't reply, or says yes, the next step will be (I guess) to work out how to pass this info on to the relevant school groups

  11. You did a new blog saying he is backpeddling. This is not the case. I took the time to check as far back as I could go on his tweets and all throughout, after he says racist slurs, etc…, he says the same thing, he's sorry. Then, he does it all again.

  12. You're absolutely right. I think we only rattled him a small amount, his Bullshit Generator is still going strong.

  13. I dunno, from what I've read/seen, he could be just what the Texas Schoolboard is looking for.

  14. "I just suggest we don't jump to conclusions here. There may be multiple explanations. " — You're the sort of person who will get run over by a truck because it *might* stop before it reaches you.

  15. If any of these statements from Alex are even true, why are you all here to judge? Please tell me what you all do in your wonderful countries besides sit at home with your mommies and feed your cat while writing a pointless blogs about someone you have no idea who is the person is displayed as Chris Taylor? How do you not know this is a female and you want to accuse a man that you dont even know. Your ruining a mans life that you dont even know. If its him or we dont even know if its you who ia this Chris Taylor? What is this Alex? makes you ponder..

  16. April, those statements are screen shots from Chris's timeline, HE wrote them.

  17. Alex, don't know that for all we know is it is a crazy ex-girlfriend writing those statements. You don't know if it's him or not. You just need to leave this man alone you can be ruining his life. This blog just shows how immature you are you need to be the better person.

  18. April, if it's an 'ex-girlfriend' then she makes exactly the same spelling and grammar mistakes that Chris makes in his new blog.It's Chris, and his attempts to distance himself from his bullshit are as transparent as they are pointless.

  19. Alex, this man has a family and you aren't just effecting this man he has a child and spreading these lies about him. Does this make you feel better? You really need to relaize your age, just because you disagree with a man you want to try and ruin his whole life for what? Do you see this Chris Taylor doing the same shit to you even if so he is running let him be a coward and you should be the man.

  20. April, for something to be a 'lie' it has to be untrue. For example, creationism is a lie, whereas pointing out that the racist Chris Taylor is a racist is a fact. All he needs to do for me to stop blogging about his tweets is to admit that he's both wasp1461 and bz1461 on twitter, and to stop tweeting racism. It's that simple. Until then he's going to be regularly reminded that, if you talk shit online, the wrong people can see it.April, would you want a man who called Obama's wife a 'gorilla' and told Muslims to 'stick the Koran up [their] cunt[s]' teaching YOUR children?

  21. If this is a fake Chris Taylor then the real Chris Taylor should get on the net and refute all the fake Chris' ideas.

  22. Okay Alex I would like to tell you a FACT. I am 15 I am Chris Taylor's daughter I am black hand white. Tell me how my dad is racist? Obama; my dad doesn't like him for his views not for the color of his skin! That is the most craziest thin i heard you calling my dad a racist! You didnt know I was 15 because I know that you wouldn't talk to a 15 year old like that, right Mr.Alex? I just want to tell you to LEAVE MY DAD ALONE! YOUR HURTING MY FAMILY, YOUR HURTING ME!If you do go though all of this school borad stuff you will ruin OUR, MY LIFE do you not get that? He has a family even how strange he is. Do you think I sound crazy like theses "stds" you think hw would teach? i live with him and Im not like that so neither will his kids. PLEASE STOP!!

  23. April, do you think likening an African American woman to a gorilla isn't racist?All I'm doing is republishing what Chris has himself written, nothing more. If he wants me to stop all he has to do is admit bz1461 and wasp1461 are him, and stop posting hate from the wasp account. Simple

  24. April:     If you think that your father failing to get his dream job will ruin your life, then, yes, I do think you're rather crazy. Alex is not going around saying (for example) that he will hound Mr. Taylor so that he can't even get a job at Walmart. He is saying that he doesn't think Mr. Taylor is qualified to teach anyone.

  25. Absolutely. Chris has repeatedly proved that he's not a suitable candidate for teaching. The man is a fucking idiot who spews vile racism from a sockpuppet account that EVERYONE knows is his.Chris has caused this.

  26. This shows how crazy Alex is and what type of morals he and his friends have in their minds. I will file a complaint against Alex on behalf of Chris and his family. Alex and his friends want to brain wash people into thinking in only one way. Alex is the one crazy. Look what he is doing, publishes crap on the internet. I am sure the school boards know that you are a nut case not Chris. As another relative of Chris, I strongly recommend that you take these blogs off about Chris. And besides, Chris and April are overeacting because you are an Atheist nut job. Let freedom of speech rule. Stop the crap. Noone should pay attention to Alex!

  27. Chris, all I'm doing is republishing your words. I've told you what you need to do to end it.

  28. "Let freedom of speech rule.""Take these blogs about Chris off."Uh, k…?

  29. Even more hilarious is that Stormbringer is complaining over on his blog that I'm STIFLING free speech by repeating Chris Taylor's words! How can making sure that more people read his 'thoughts' be AGAINST free speech?

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