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Another Creationist Fails to Understand Evolution

QueenQueequeg is the blog of Rhomphaia, a right wing, pro-life, God-is-Great nut case so insane that it’s likely that she’s the sockpuppet of another headcase (a headcase that I’m not going to mention).

Today’s post from her is a staggeringly wrong splash of piss about science. If you really want to, you can read it here (I warn you though, it’s not borderline, but right over the border, deep into the heartland and drinking at a local bar, retarded)

My favourite nugget is the following – 

Supposed Genetics says that we came from monkeys-
If so, as many times as I’ve been pregnant, I WOULD HAVE HAD A MONKEY BY NOW!

No, love, genetics says nothing of the sort, nor does Evolution. We DON’T come from monkeys, but we do share a common ancestor….and if you really think that evolution involves a creature giving birth to something from a completely different species, then you’re even thicker than I thought (which is very thick, as I’ve read your blog and seen how incorrect you regularly are).

It gets better though – 

JESUS says, as a Believer, I am:
freely forgiven
born again/born from above
in direct access to the Throne of Heaven
free from condemnation
sealed with the Holy Spirit (kept, protected, preserved)
(thereby) a temple of the Holy Spirit
a new creature in Christ Jesus
seated together with Him in heavenly places
a royal priesthood
a chosen generation
a peculiar people

Peculiar indeed!
Quick challenge to you Rhomphaia – 
1. Supply me with evidence that gods exist
2. Supply me with evidence that your god in particular is the right one
I look forward to your reply

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8 thoughts on “Another Creationist Fails to Understand Evolution

  1. It would be much easier for her to prove that you're an idiot. All she needs to do is copy and paste my material where I slapped you up one side and down the other.By the way, another atheist accused Rhomphaia of being a sock puppet. Then he lied about it because he obviously saw that she is a real person. It would be nice if you actually had facts or evidence, but lying, manipulative atheists like you cannot be concerned with anything resembling truth. After all, for you lot, accusations are the same as proof for you and the almost dozen of your "me too!" mocker crowd.No wonder Britain is being taken over by the Mohammedans, the capacity for rational thought died out before the turn of the century.

  2. If you want to get technical, every one of her kids has been a monkey, since humans are apes, monkeys, primates, mammals, gnathostomes, chordates, et cetera… 🙂

  3. Richard, her head will explode if you start getting too technical! 😉

  4. "Her" nothin' — according to Mr. Tempest in a Teapot's user profile, "she" is just another sock puppet.

  5. Well how about I supply just a little evidence to PROVE YOU ARE WRONG Alex?First, check you IPs. I'm in TN.I'm a woman.I'm a wife and mother.I am NOT Stormbringer.He's a man from the North.You assume wrong about the simplest of things- how could I trust you about the God of the Universe?

  6. Nerd,I allow Storm to be a "contributor" on my blog.We are NOT the same person. If you read two sentences on my blog- you'd see we are very different. Geesh- how many is this now Storm? 4? 5?

  7. Rhomphaia, you've spelt every single word of 'I can prove gods exist by [insert evidence]' wrong.I've said elsewhere that I'm not sure that you are idiot boy, as you're even more vacuous and stupid than he is. Anyway, I'll ask again – 1. Supply me with evidence that gods exist2. Supply me with evidence that your god in particular is the right one

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