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An atheist ‘convert’

This is Mark Hunter. Mark Hunter had, let’s not beat about the bush here, a shit life. He was suffering from mental illness, and looking for someone to blame. Apparently he blamed the Christian God for this and decided that he was an atheist. In a recent ‘article’ on risible Christian hate spewer Miss Raissa’s blog, he said the following

I was so completely convinced of my “beliefs” as an atheist which were based upon (and confirmed by) a life of misery, pain and suffering.

Often atheists are accused of being believers who are angry at some god or other, mostly this isn’t the case, you cannot be angry at something you don’t believe exists. In this case though it seems to be the case that Mark was angry at some higher power.

I’m sure Mark sincerely felt himself to be atheist, and that makes him a true atheist, but I’m also sure that Mark now feels himself to be a true christian.

I’ve had a quick read of Mark’s blog, and I don’t know what to make of him. Certainly he comes across as a hugely damaged individual who has latched onto something that (finally) makes him happy. He seems to have gone for a pretty hardcore version of faith though, talking positively about Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic ‘Passion of the Christ’…I do wonder about people who rate that vile movie.

One comment made me do a double take though –

I’ll be flying off to the Philippines March 2nd to be with my wonderful Girlfriend once again – the woman who single-handedly started me on the path to Jesus. I get to spend 10 wonderful days in her company. I cant wait for the day that we are married!

I’m going to give Mark the benefit of the doubt here and assume that his bride to be was someone he met in the UK, who is now doing some charity work overseas….but I can’t shake the nagging feeling that, whilst Mark sees a wonderful Christian woman who wants to be with him, she sees a way to move to the UK. As I say, it’s just a little nagging feeling, and I kind of hope I’m wrong there. EDIT Mark describes his partner as a ‘very successful business woman’, so I’m thinking that the initial benefit of the doubt is correct.

One thing I am sure about is that Mark is writing a book. What is it with faith heads and their need to write books? Joe Cienkowski has been shitting out pamphlets that put the ‘POO’ in ‘poorly written vomit’ for a while now, @Starchasr claims to have been working on something that will debunk the Theory of Evolution (spoiler: it wont) and now Mark thinks people will be interested in his ‘journey’.

Will he be giving his book away for free? Or will he sell it….how he decides to go will speak volumes about whether he’s wanting to spread the Good Word or turn a quick buck.


I’m bemused to discover Mark has already blocked me on Twitter….I guess it was a pre-emptive blocking!


Mark has now blocked me from commenting on his blog, and deleted all my comments. I had no idea his faith was so weak.

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3 thoughts on “An atheist ‘convert’

  1. Hi,I found this article of yours somewhat randomly.For the record I have distanced myself from Miss Raissa. I felt misrepresented by her. I asked for the article to be posted verbatim and that didn’t happen. She is convinced she is doing right but unfortunately she isn’t. I agree with you wholeheartedly in that she spouts her own doctrine of anti-whatever and its actually quite embarrassing (much like that idiot who was predicting rapture a few months back). They are false teachers. I am a good natured person with no desire for conflict and confrontation. I was, an am, merely eager to spread the word of God. That is after all my duty as a Christian.With regards to the blocking I do this as a force of habit nowadays. I think I started to do this after early encounters with people such as yourself. I’ve been drawn into pointless “debates” on twitter (especially in the early days) and elsewhere and have quickly learned such dialog is not only fruitless but shameful. If I was to engage with someone about something as deep as faith it would be face to face and not in the social fog that is the internet. I don’t seek to confront atheists, and have never initiated such confrontations when they have occurred, so… I just see no need to entertain it in the first place. It won’t change my faith – and having been an atheist – I know it wouldn’t change their worldview either. A Damascus road experience is the only event that will ever do that.You have struck an interesting chord though about the Philippines and one many people make the mistake of not understanding… mostly based on what they see as the usual situation (impoverished Filipina meets foreigner and escapes into financial bliss). It’s the reverse for me. I am in fact moving to the Philippines to work as a teacher. My fiancées business is way too successful to up sticks and move to the UK and I wouldn’t want her to do that either. The UK, sadly, is not the country I grew up in. I have written my book, though it is to be released for free, purely as a brief PDF testimonial. No financial benefit to these activities – no reason to generate income due to my faith. I am not concerned whether people (Christians or not) are interested in my journey. I use it to document my own studies and if people are interested well… that’s a bonus. Well – I just felt the need to clarify a few points. I apologise for having blocked you, but hope you understand, and you can likewise delete this blog post if you like. I did read your words that you posted on mine and sympathized with your points. However my blog, as maybe yours is also, isn’t really a forum for dialogue. It’s simply an account of my journey. I am sure, if I met you in person, we’d probably get on absolutely fine.

  2. Thanks Mark, I hope you don't mind that I've posted a new article about your reply.

  3. strange man indeed. just has a little troll flutter with him on twitter. I’m blocked too now after this

    atheist_convert Feb 24, 5:41pm via Twitter for iPhone

    @gayambassador there is still time for you to repent and get saved sir.


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