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The Bible….is it inspired or not?

I’ve been having a little bit of fun bombarding Tweeting Faithhead @jpayne913 with a list of Biblical contradictions, after he made the following, ludicrous, claim 

Eventually he got fed up, and resorted to this old favourite 

No, J, I don’t read Hebrew OR Greek, why should I? Are you saying that the English translations of the Bible aren’t inspired? Does your god only want readers of Greek and Hebrew to hear his message?

I’ve asked J Payne to clarify this issue for me, so far he’s failed to do so, and I am starting to worry that his head will soon explode.

So why bring up being able to read Greek or Hebrew then, if the whole thing is inspired? But wait! Weren’t you mentioning the other languages in a bid to claim that, whilst the English version might contain errors, the original text doesn’t? But then you said that ‘man can NOT screw up God’s word’!

Apparently the cognitive dissonance has become too much for Jonathan, and he’s now trying to claim that I’m making all the contradictions up….


The contradiction that’s tied poor Jonathan up in knots is whether Ahaziah was 22 (as 2 Kings 8:26 says) or 42 (according to 2 Chronicles 22:2) when he became King. Even arch reality benders Looking Unto Jesus have to admit it’s a contradiction, so what does J Payne say?

Ah, denial, the last resort of the Bible literalist!

Addendum 2

After J Payne denied that there were any contradictions once again, I asked him if a 22 year old is the same age as a 42 year old…..this is where his behaviour took a turn for the bizarre….

So I reworded again, to reduce the amount of wriggle room J can have, I asked him ‘Is a man who has lived for 22 years the same age as a man who has lived for 42 years?’

I’ll update when/if he replies.

Hardly worth the wait….

What an abject failure.

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