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Stormy B, at it again

‘It’ in this case means ‘talking bollocks’

As an addendum to his pathetic piece on atheism yesterday, sockpuppet master, Stormbringer has made the following claim about a new blog post by Paul Baird…

Paul’s descent into illogical assertions continues here, where he does not go to any kind of source material to determine what it means to be a Christian. Rather, he claims to base his opinions on the words of people who may or may not be Christians. And he deleted his page where he accused me of creating a separate identity to develop a separate Weblog.

Click the link, and have a read of the article Paul’s written. 

Right, here’s the thing. I’m going ask Stormbringer 4 questions.

1. Do you deny that evolution happens?
2. Are you pro-life?
3. Are you pro-Israel?
4. Do you like Sarah Palin?

Going to answer truthfully, S Bringer? To be honest he doesn’t have to, cos all those questions link to posts in his blog where he shows exactly what he thinks on each topic.

So, if Paul is actually right about what a lot of right wing Christians believe, how is he making ‘illogical assertions’?

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4 thoughts on “Stormy B, at it again

  1. 1. Do you deny that evolution happens?2. Are you pro-life?3. Are you pro-Israel?4. Do you like Sarah Palin?More importantly, show where I said that these things are requirements to be a Christian. See, loser, you're at it again, putting words in my mouth and attempting to make me defend things that I have not said. Why do you persist in humiliating yourself when I keep demonstrating that I am your intellectual superior?Daft as a brush, you are.

  2. I'm not saying you have. But they seem to be positions that people default to when they become Christian.So, going to answer the questions?

  3. How stupid are you? Let me put it in terms that even you can understand: No. I do not have time for your absurd games.

  4. So, you ARE full of shit after all!

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