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My almost 100th post!

Crikey! That happened very quickly!

Let’s mark the (almost*) 100th post with a few points about my atheism.

  • I am not angry with any gods, I don’t believe in them.
  • Acceptance of Evolution is not a faith position, there’s too much evidence for that.
  • My non-belief in gods is not a tacit belief in gods.
  • I used to be a Christian, despite what pamphleteering former felon Joe Cienkowski thinks.
  • I am not rebelling against any gods by not believing in them.
  • I am not a servant of Satan, he doesn’t exist.
  • I am pro-choice, because the issue of abortion is very complex and is ultimately the woman’s decision.
  • I have already thought about every single thing you think will convert me.
  • If I call you a liar it’s because you demonstrably are one.
  • I am not damned to Hell.
  • I will not wish I’d thought differently at Judgement Day, no such day will ever come.

I think that’s enough.

*blogspot can’t make up its mind how many I’ve posted!

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