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Miss Raissa, Christian Halfwit

After speaking to an ex homosexual which you can see on my post “Christian Diaries: God delivered me from homosexuality.” It has been brought to my attention that no one is born gay. Homosexuality is a demonic spirit.

This garbage is from a ‘report’ by fundie simpleton Miss Raissa, called ‘Homosexuality is a sin: Truth or Bigotry?‘, where she indulges her penchant for ignoring reality and spews out a whole lot of Christianity fuelled hatred.

Miss Raissa is a former (current?) model who has apparently bought into religion as a fashion statement. She’s a kind of ‘Jesus is RAD LOL!!’ Christian, gee-whizzing her way through inanity after inanity, failing to understand even the most basic of the beliefs she claims to follow. Her stupidity is astounding, and her ability to offend is seemingly unending. 

One day she’ll look back at this period of her life with absolute shame and horror.

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3 thoughts on “Miss Raissa, Christian Halfwit

  1. Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Matthew 5:11

  2. the operative word there is 'falsely', I think you'll find I'm commenting truthfully.

  3. "The time of heroes is dead, the Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear, and shame."I love how Christians think quoting bible passages is an argument. Like, if I quoted a bit from a movie, that is an argument. It isn't. Yet they seem to think it is.

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