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Creationist Idiot, Stormbringer, talks shite….again.

Like an Middle Eastern dictator who hasn’t seen that the game’s up, ludicrous fuck-a-ma-bob Stormbringer, author of the Right Wing Palin lovin’ ‘Stormbringer’s Thunder‘ has once again flexed his arse muscles and sprayed his ill-informed ‘opinions’ all over his ‘blog’. His latest post (‘post’, as it in resembles a solidified shite squeezed out of a giraffe’s bumhole) continues his apparent inability to differentiate between someone laughing at him and hatred. He’s also returned to his decidedly stupid and completely unsubstantiated claim that a lack of belief in ghosts, goblins, gods, fairies, and unicorns leads to brain damage. 

Before I go through his newest hilarity-fest point by point, I’ll have a little play with our Reagan-loving chum, and look at the set up of his blog and twitter feed, and compare it to mine.

Seemingly afraid of free speech, and unlike this blog, Stormy B moderates all the replies on his page, meaning that it’s extremely unlikely that a view that doesn’t chime with his will ever appear in the comments. In fact his comments are usually a long list of him talking to himself via his numerous other accounts, a kind of one man circle jerk. 

Likewise his twitter feed, obviously afraid of the torrent of derision that he’d (rightfully) receive if his feed were public, he keeps it locked away, so that only his little circle of bumchums can post, no doubt congratulating each other on how right they are. 

Notice neither of these things are the case with this blog, or my twitter feed. I’m all for freedom of speech, and I actually welcome theists pitching in. I’d challenge Stormbringer to open up both the comments on his page and his twitter feed, but I think I’d be wasting my time.

Oblivious to the fact that his opinion is worth decidedly less than that of even a know-nothing Faith head like Joe Cienkowski (at least Joe has something to say, instead of mewling on for page after page of endless nothing), he’s decided to spread his latest missive across two blog posts. 

Part one is a whole load of hot air, and practically says nothing, but I’ll try and work my way through it. 

Since I indulged in some speculation and suggested that atheism leads to brain damage because of spiritual depravity, I have had plenty of supporting evidence. It is indeed unfortunate that I cannot take the time to spell it all out.

Unfortunate indeed, as I’ve been asking him to supply evidence of this kind of thing for ages, something he’s incapable of doing.

The rest of the post is made up of Mr Bringer being a little bit upset that I use colourful language, and again insisting I’ve made numerous logical fallacies despite repeatedly failing to point them out. You’d think a post all about me would be a good place to let the world see this evidence of his, but he runs out of thunder (arf arf) before his article limps to a weak close.

But don’t be down hearted! He’s back today, posting part 2!

Sadly the whole of this impotent squirt of below-average-cc jizz centres on a decidedly non-Christian attack on another blogger, who has (rather calmly it seems) pointed out that Stormbringer uses several different accounts to talk to himself, something that myself and several others have also noticed. Obviously Mr B denies this, as he would if he were guilty of doing it. 

Ultimately Stormbringer is nothing more than an argumentative conservative terrified that the world no longer resembles his imaginary 50’s America. He’s incapable of original ideas that don’t make him look stupid, and has failed repeatedly to respond to my long running ‘Stormbringer Challenge’.

As he’s so fond of posting pictures instead of actual content, I’ll leave this post with a picture that describes his position perfectly. 

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4 thoughts on “Creationist Idiot, Stormbringer, talks shite….again.

  1. Hey, Mr. Perfect, Paul Baird left me an apology. You never will, because you're never wrong in your tiny little mind. It must drive you up the wall that both Paul and I are your intellectual superiors.

  2. You're hilarious!!Look, either come up with that peer reviewed paper (as I've shown, claiming that creationists are frozen out of science isn't true or an excuse), and a list of the logical fallacies you claim I've made, or just fuck off. You're a tedious arse with nothing to say.

  3. If I have nothing to say, and you spend inordinate amounts of time raving about me, that leaves one alternative: You have homoerotic fantasies about me. Give us a kiss. Oh, wait. You still have that lip fungus.

  4. Peer reviewed paper? List of fallacies??Come on Cowboy, you keep claiming you've 'spanked' me, so let's see you actually do it! It should be really easy for you if you're the intellectual titan you seem to think you are!

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