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The Stormbringer Challenge UPDATE!

Several weeks ago I challenged bonkers rightwing loonbag @Stormbringer_5 to supply me with two things

  • 1. A single peer reviewed scientific paper presenting a creationist view
  • 2. A list of the logical fallacies he’s accused me of making in this blog

Today I’m pleased to be able to report that he’s done it! He’s managed to supply both…..oh… mistake, he hasn’t.

Come on Stormy! If you’re so right about everything let’s have the evidence!! We’re all waiting!

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8 thoughts on “The Stormbringer Challenge UPDATE!

  1. I throw you a small bone, Poindexter. Creationists publish in secular journals all the time. Choke on your hate for a few minutes and read this:

  2. By the way, Cupcake, how about MY challenge to YOU? Namely, what good are atheists, anyway? You have nothing to offer besides sneering and mockery. Yeah, great, useful lot you are.

  3. Read my latest blog post about creationism and science.As for asking what good atheists are…what a redundant question! Does my lack of belief in the supernatural define the jobs I can do? Does it define the way I love my family? Does it prevent me from creating art and music? No! Of course it doesn't!I'd suggest however, that moving mankind away from an infantile dependence on religion will do us a great deal of good….for one, people who only have one life, and realise that others only have one life too, tend to be far more careful with those lives.You don't see atheists flying planes into buildings, do you?

  4. I don't see atheists doing anything for anyone. What good are YOU, Bubbles? You have a Weblog full of hate and negativity, ridiculing Christians and Conservatives. Real benefit to humanity there, innit?

  5. You can't answer my challenge because you are worthless. Atheism makes you high and mighty, and automatically smarter than everyone else. But only in your mind, worthless one. What does your god, Richard "Daffy" Dawkins, say about that? I'll wait while you consult your Daffy bible.Never mind, I'm bored.

  6. Oops, I seem to have broken Stormbringer.

  7. May I add, how Holy your reply is! 'You are worthless'? My! I can feel the love of Jesus just glowing out of you from here!I've already answered your 'challenge' a couple of posts up, here's a link though, if you find using scroll bars a bit beyond you –'ll ask you again – have you ever seen an atheist fly a building into a plane?

  8. Have you ever seen an atheist do anything for anybody? You keep dodging MY questions, Poindexter, but the fact remains: Atheists are worthless to society. The few "me too" charities, the copycats of Christian charities, get embezzled by other atheists. What a bunch of losers.How holy IS my reply? What do you care, hypocrite? You're appealing to a moral absolute. FACE PALM! Pinhead.

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