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C L Taylor, if this man is an ‘educator’ then god help the kids

This pearl of wisdom is from C L Taylor, a Texan Creationist and self proclaimed ‘Educator’.

He describes himself on his Twitter page –

“I am Christian,Texan,American,SHSU alumnus,married,Republican,White,top 25%,Educator,Historian,Writer,Creationist,thinker out side the box.”

As you can see from that tweet copied at the start his understanding of global politics is stunted, to say the least. In fact his twitter feed is an endless stream apparently originating from the fevered imagination of a man with not a single clue about any topic he covers. 


Phew, glad we go that sorted! Dawkins has been getting it wrong all these years!

What about Africa, CL, how should that be handled?

 Quick, call the UN, C. L. Taylor has thought “out side” the box!

 But his views on Transitional fossils is interesting….

 The London Museum of NS? I’m honestly at a loss here, and so is Google, ‘Information No results found for “London Museum of NS”.’ Does he mean the Natural History Museum in London? If so he’s completely wrong, because one of the Archaeopteryx fossils is held there.

To be honest I think he’s just pulling stuff out of his arse.

In fact, the only thing that made me sit up when digging into Taylor’s background was this rather weird Streetview artefact. Maybe that’s the box he’s been thinking ‘out side’ of?

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