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More ‘Thunder’ from Stormbringer

It seems Mr ‘Log Me Into Windows Please, I Love Reagan and Noah’ Stormbringer is unable to stay away from this blog! Posting in the comments for ‘Creationists, Still Lying After All These Years‘ he’s furiously parped out the following – 

You’d be surprised to know that I never fell for the “recant” thing. Despite your presuppositions and seething hatred, not all Christians are gullible. 
“Answers in Genesis” has an article (linked by, which concludes: “Given the weight of evidence, it must be concluded that Lady Hope’s story is unsupportable,…….[lengthy burst of copy pasting, read it all here] …The story of Darwin’s conversion and renunciation of evolution is either an invention or unwarranted embroidery on the original story.”
So, do you grab every e-mail that is sent your way that “Bill Gates must share his fortune if you forward this e-mail” nonsense that comes your way and call Bill Gates a liar because of what was done to his name? What else did Joe say? Does he build a case, or is that a simple comment? 

Do you want a prize? Is it that amazing that a pro-Creation website has posted information that debunks a well documented lie? You’re ever so fond of bringing up Piltdown Man, remind us, who was it that showed that to be a fraud? Was it Creationists, or was it other scientists? Ooops! Looks like science is rather good at self policing! In fact, I’ve yet to see a single scientific hoax that wasn’t rapidly and even gleefully pulled to shreds by other scientists. If there’s one thing scientists love, it’s being able to get one over on another scientist when it comes to uncovering fakery.

As we’ve seen from the ever growing list in ‘….Still Lying After All These Years’, Creationists have got form when it comes to dishonesty, endlessly repeating stories that aren’t true (such as the lie that Einstein believed in God, and that, as a young student, he proved this in class) in a desperate attempt to combat the cognitive dissonance  they surely have to deal with on a daily basis. Pointing out that they can occasionally admit to something they’ve said being untrue says nothing other than they’ve realised that continuing to spread the lie would cause them to be caught out. 

I am no fan of Joe, but you have the integrity of a weasel. Your attempts to discredit Christians because someone grabs onto a sensational rumour is disingenuous at best, but you are not interested in truth. You have demonstrated that clearly, many times. No, your purpose is strictly to mock and ridicule.

Those are strong words, Mr B, care to show an example of this? My article, listing the various frauds and hoaxes perpetrated by Creationists, was being planned long before Joe typed his nonsense. Believe it or not, I do quite a bit of research whenever I’m posting something that I could be shown to be wrong on, I check multiple sources to ensure that I’m not putting myself into a position where someone like you can come along and clearly show me as being in error. The fact that you’ve so far not been able to counter anything I’ve posted with any thing based in reality or actual science shows that I’m doing an okay job so far. 

You may think that my purpose is to ‘mock and ridicule’ but I’m actually trying to learn things, and to uncover Creationist nonsense whenever I encounter it. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m absolutely interested in truth – if I were shown evidence that was convincing then I would adjust my position…after all, I did it before when I renounced Christianity in my 20’s!

Ultimately I don’t have to do very much at all to discredit Creationists, they do an excellent job themselves. 

Thanks for giving me an idea for a new article, Poindexter.

Here’s a tip, try looking at some evidence before you do, you’ll find it creates a better read than simply logging into Conservapedia and copying the first stream of effluent you click on.

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2 thoughts on “More ‘Thunder’ from Stormbringer

  1. This from someone that I keep spanking, and he's so kinky and stupid that he comes back for more. By the way, there are shrinks in Dudley that can help you get over your projection issues. Maybe they can help you with your homoerotic obsession with me and Joe, too. As for the hate issue, I have no idea.Did you ever look up Bullhorn Twotails? You two are fighting over me, and he's another Brit twit.

  2. AHAHAHAH! You're hopelessly out of your depth here and yet you think you're winning???wow.Anyway, let's have that peer reviewed paper, and the list of fallacies please.

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