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Laminin, the miraculous evidence of God, that isn’t.

‘People who condone evolution’, that’s a new one, it makes evolution sound like some kind of heinous crime. Anyway, @Truthchoice‘s slandering of evolution is not what today’s post is about.

Laminin, that’s the topic today, a protein that holds our cells together, a protein that’s got some Jesustweeters, like @Truthchoice in a bit of a tizz due to the way it looks when drawn –

Yup, it has a cross shape. And that was noticed by a preacher called Louie Giglio, who decided it had something to do with Colossians 1:17

15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

ZOMG! This cross shaped protein holds things together!! This protein that holds things together is FREAKIN’ CROSS SHAPED!!!! Watch Louie get virtually tearful at the telling of how he discovered this….

Got it?


It’s almost redundant saying at this point that it’s obviously bollocks. Yes, when represented as a diagram Laminin looks like a cross, or a sword if you turn it on its side, or a Caduceus if you look at it properly. Problem is, it doesn’t really look like a cross at all when you see a real one with its floppy arms

It’s nothing more than a coincidence, one that P.Z.Myers countered by pointing out that the potassium channel, something our brains are full of, is shaped like a swastika

Even the card carrying crazies at Answers in Genesis, not renowned for their wits, have said that the Laminin/Cross link is weak to non-existent and advise against using it as evidence of creation.

Even if it were rigid, it would still prove nothing at all, as historians aren’t sure that crosses were used for crucifixions, or even that Jesus existed at all. Also, even if Jesus did exist, and was executed on a † shaped cross, why would a creator code a symbol of pain and murder into us at a molecular level? Is God a sado-masochist?  No wonder even Ken Ham and his chin beard think it’s best avoided!

So, there you go @Truthchoice, not only can I (and practically everyone else with 5 minutes to spare, and access to the web) explain it, but I have.


@Truthchoice eventually responded to this post with the following tweet –


Miind you, I shouldn’t be surprised, as further down their timeline they posted this madness in response to @ex_muslim pointing out that ‘calling someone an atheist isn’t really describing anything about them except their disbelief in god or gods’ 

‘Yeah! Fuck YOU atheist! You’re going to HELL!!!! Jesus loves you!’

And further down they even go as far as claiming that only Born Again Christians can know the love of Jesus

I feel sorry for the church that this sack of ignorant shit pastors over.


The Ebola virus looks like a shepherds crook (as Answers in Genesis point out) – does that mean that the Good Shepherd is encoded in the Ebola virus?? No.

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3 thoughts on “Laminin, the miraculous evidence of God, that isn’t.

  1. Great post, Alex. Thanks for the shout out. This is my argument for once you see the real thing…You're telling me that the creator of billions of galaxies, sextillions of stars, and googolplexes of planets with "intricate design", the laws of all the sciences (that operate with "never a miscommunication" thanks bill o), all life on earth, can't draw a perfect cross in our dna? It looks like a 4 year old drew it. It's ludicrous.


  3. Historians aren’t sure if Jesus existed at all? Historians aren’t sure if they used crosses?

    Please, don’t pretend you know history. I know of NO historian teaching in any University who’s presented any peer-reviewed paper on Jesus not existing. That’s the historian’s equivalent to claiming 6 day creationism; it’ll get you laughed off the stage.

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