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Paul Taylor, Christian Bully

This seemingly innocuous blog post from AiG dino-bullshitter, Paul Taylor, takes a sudden and unexpected turn towards the end. Here it is for you pleasure…

These people are receiving the very first copies of the New Testament translated into their language. I defy any Christian to watch this video and not weep for joy with these people – and if you still have dry eyes, maybe you haven’t become a Christian after all.

What. The. Fuck?? Yes, you did read it correctly, he does pull a ‘No True Scotsman’ right there! Paul seems to think that it’s not enough to simply be happy to see the Christian message is being spread, no you have to be in tears about it! CRY CHRISTIANS, CRY!!! Jesus will be FURIOUS if you don’t!! He’ll think you DON’T BELIEVE!!

If he’s doing this to people who are supposedly on his side, imagine how he must talk to us filthy heathens!!

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2 thoughts on “Paul Taylor, Christian Bully

  1. Where's the link? I want to see it!

  2. I'd have thought an IT GIANT like yourself would have easily spotted the link in the article….

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