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@Starchasr’s Zero Sum Religious Viewpoint

 “I’ve debunked Evolution y’know! That’ll be £5
for the front or £7 for all the windows”

Paul Sharp is a window cleaner from the North East. He’s also (according to his Twitter bio) a recovering alcoholic, amateur songwriter, and debunker of Evolution. He’s an Old Earth Creationist so unlike Mad Joe, he doesn’t think that the world is only a few thousand years old, but he does think Evolution is a lie.

I used to speak to Paul regularly on Twitter, and found that he was at least a little receptive to notions of Evidence. Other’s have found this as well, and twitter user @chthoniid even managed to get him to almost admit to believing in Evolution – you can read about that exchange here and here (pdf files). He struck me as a rather unhappy man, a bit like Rob Bryon’s character in ‘Marion & Geoff’, ground down by life to the point where weaker men would kill themselves, but trapped by feeling that a perpetually sunny outlook is necessary to hold back the demons.

Paul and I fell out when, during a discussion about abortion, he insisted that, if he had a 12 year old daughter who became pregnant from a rape, he’d force her to have the child rather than commit the (to him) unthinkable act of terminating the pregnancy. I couldn’t stomach his blinkered and (to my mind) frankly obscene stand and had to abort my discussions with him by hitting the ‘block’ button.

Anyway, I popped along to his twitter page today to see if anything interesting was being said, and was immediately struck by this tweet –

It’s an interesting view to take, a typical ‘if X is right then Y is wrong’ opinion commonly seen in tweets and blog posts by the terminally religious. He fails to take into account a third option, in this case the correct one, that both Islam and Christianity are wrong. As we’ve seen already, the archaeology thoroughly undermines all three Abrahamic faiths, so not only is Paul wrong about evolution, he’s also wrong about Jesus being the son of a god.

Still, I hear he’s the best window cleaner in his street, so there’s some consolation for him.

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