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Fuckwit Doesn’t Read Own Link

Setting aside the fact that Joe is (as always) completely wrong about Neanderthals being ‘100% human’, he doesn’t seem to have read that link, as it says –

Experts believe that the Neanderthal genome sequence will be of extraordinary importance in understanding human evolutionary history since the two species split some 600,000 years ago. 

 ….and a little later, this – 

Dr. Paabo said that episode of human-Neanderthal breeding implied by Dr. Reich’s statistics most plausibly occurred “in the Middle East where the first modern humans appear before 100,000 years ago and there were Neanderthals until 60,000 years ago.” According to Dr. Klein, people in Africa expanded their range and reached just Israel during a warm period some 120,000 years ago. They retreated during a cold period some 80,000 years ago and were replaced by Neanderthals. It is not clear whether or not they overlapped with Neanderthals, he said.
These humans, in any case, were not fully modern and they did not expand from Africa, an episode that occurred some 30,000 years later. If there was any interbreeding, the flow of genes should have been both ways, Dr. Klein said, but Dr. Paabo’s group sees evidence for gene flow only from Neanderthals to modern humans. 

I’m guessing Mad Joe didn’t understand the article at all, so didn’t bother reading any of it. Whatever the reason for posting it, he seems to be blissfully unaware that it completely contradicts what he says in his tweet. 

Proof that Neanderthals didn’t die out?

I do sometimes wonder though, what prevented Joe Cienkowski evolving into a modern human?

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6 thoughts on “Fuckwit Doesn’t Read Own Link

  1. Yeah Peachy has great difficulty comphrending text.I was having a discussion with him about ice cores, and he sent me this link as evidence AGAINST it.

  2. aww, forget it. It was a picture of one of the Planet of the Apes extras. oh well.

  3. worked both times for me!

  4. yeah, I realized my error(s) later but I couldn't find an edit or post removal option. (which shows btw, that atheists are more than willing to admit when they've made an error). But hey, nothing like getting your comment count high.

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