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Joe Cienkowski, master of transference

 Witless arse spew, dribbled onto a monitor earlier today

I’m starting to think that arch-Creationist and Reality denier, Joe Cienkowski, has some deep seated mental health issues. Day after day he spends literally every hour on Twitter, swamped by an endless horde of pro-evolutionists and atheists pummelling him with facts. He doesn’t stop, ever. The relentless attacks he comes under don’t dent his ability to jizz out bollocks like the above one iota.

I don’t think he’s a well man, even if he were entirely mentally stable the concerted and unceasing criticism he comes in for 24/7 would dent the sanity of even the devoutest believer. But Joe just keeps on.

Perhaps he gets off on it, perhaps he cries himself to sleep at night, and dreads logging in every day, but does so out of a misplaced loyalty to a god that doesn’t exist, I don’t know. What I do know is that I occasionally feel a twinge of sorrow for him, a small part of my conscience imagining how it would feel to be Joe and cringing in fear and confusion.

I wonder if he’s so lost in his own head, so deluded by the shoddy ‘logic’ of charlatans like Kent Hovind, Ray Comfort, and Ken Ham, that he’s not really to blame for his actions. Is there a ‘real’ Joe in there, a rational Joe, a man who knows that everything he types, almost without exception is total bum gravy? A Joe who desperately wants his wife to come back to him, and for the world to give him a break for once in his miserable existence.

Yeah, I find myself feeling genuine pity for the man….

But then I read something like this (picked completely at random from his feed)

…and find myself shouting ‘Fucksake, Joe, you arrogant, ignorant TOTAL FUCKING MONG!’ at my screen.

Joe Cienkowski, he’s his own worst enemy.

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