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Creationists, if you want to play at science don’t whine about the rules!

Everyone’s favourite Farmville lovin’ Rightwinger @Stormbringer_5 has been bumsquirting his thoughts all over the comments again, this time complaining in his uniquely whiny way that I’m not giving creationists a chance….

Not a lot of fans here, Poindexter? Here’s a comment to help you look popular. Maybe I’ll write another article for you to get all hot and bothered about. How about if I take the time to show all the logical fallacies that you embrace? Nah, that will take far too long.

Here’s one: You assume because I do not give you what you want, your way, that there is no validity to the claims of Creationists (which you probably use to say, “Therefore, there is no God”). Lots of logic fallacies there.

You still love me, don’t you? 

Oh go on, I’d love to read about all these logical fallacies! Being a creationist I’m sure you’re an expert on them!

I asked you for something very simple, something that you should be able to provide if such a thing exists, a peer reviewed, published, paper that presents a pro-creation point of view. So far all you’ve done is make excuses, and then whine that the request isn’t fair.

So I’m going to tell you why there aren’t ANY peer reviewed pro-creation papers, are you ready? Ok, here we go…..


There you go! Simple! That’s the reason why you’re unable to supply the one thing creationists desperately wish existed! It’s not due to any conspiracy amongst scientists, it’s not Satan controlling journals, it’s simply that creationism is not science (needs repeating I feel)

Do you realise that, by insisting that the Bible and science should play on the same field, you’re putting the Bible in a position where it will ALWAYS lose? By trying to shoehorn the allegory, myths, stories, Bronze Age explanations of natural phenomena, propaganda, and wishful thinking of the Bible into the real world you’re diminishing the power of your holy book?

Look at it this way, your position is entirely dependent upon faith and belief in the supernatural. If you stray from ‘God did it, I have faith’ to ‘God did it, and I can show how WITH SCIENCE’ you’re suddenly having to play by the same rules as all the other people appending their claims with ‘…WITH SCIENCE’. The playing field is completely level, the same rules apply to you as everyone else.

When your claims then fall down so miserably that they don’t make it past the peer review stage, despite the most desperate attempts of the brightest ‘creation scientists’, it is NOT because some faceless cabal of men in white coats wants to destroy the Bible, it’s because your claims don’t stand up to rational examination. Thousands upon thousands of papers containing actual science don’t get published each year, it’s not just creationist works getting refused.

Likewise if you make historical, or archaeological claims, about your faith, you can’t really complain if someone who knows what they’re talking about comes along and points out that reality doesn’t actually support your beliefs.

You have a choice to make, either accept that your viewpoint depends upon faith, or stop whining when people who know more than you about the past, or biology, or astronomy, or a myriad of other subjects, point out the truth.

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One thought on “Creationists, if you want to play at science don’t whine about the rules!

  1. Great post.One thing I might add: there are thousands of scientists who are Christian. You might have thought they could get a paper published if the evidence supported Biblical stories. So far – none.

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