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‘They MUST have a motive other than the truth! THEY MUST!!!’

A week ago I wrote this article about Israeli archaeologists Finkelstein and Silberman and their work turning up no evidence whatsoever for Old Testament Bible claims.

Today I found a post on the Evidence for Christianity website where the devout try to answer why anyone would say anything that contradicts the Bible account. Interestingly, there is very little in the way of ‘they’re saying it because that’s what the evidence shows’, and a lot of making suggestions as to what evil is driving them. My favourite part follows – 

Perhaps it is because these people have a demon in them.  Perhaps it is because they are influenced by Satan.  Perhaps they hate Christianity.  Perhaps a religious parent beat them.  I cannot explain why some blatantly biased scholars make such irresponsible statements.

Yup, that’s right, a religious parent beat them, and that’s why the evidence they’ve dug up over long and distinguished careers contradicts the Bible. Right.

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