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Extraordinary Claims, and all that.

‘I have seen…fingers grow back…even the dead raised’, so says @thedevilsucks, owner of and bullshitter par excellence.

That’s quite a claim eh? Fellow Twitter user @ColdDimSum suggested that he should speak to James Randi about these claims, as Randi has $1million that he’s wanting to give to someone who can prove the supernatural to exist. We both sent him the link, and said we’d convert to Christianity if @thedevilsucks wins the cash.

And what happened? He blocked me! I’ve no idea whether it was because of the challenge, or because I asked him who was the father of Joseph in the New Testament (Matthew says Jacob, Luke gives Heli) – either way he bottled it and fucked off.

I’m not holding my breath about the million dollar challenge, I don’t think the world will ever speak of @thedevilsucks as the man who beat the Randi challenge.

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One thought on “Extraordinary Claims, and all that.

  1. It wouldn't even need extraordinary evidence:Looking forward to the before and after pics of the fingers when they grew back. With the face in show in both of them and todays newspaper held in the new fingers.

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