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‘Keep banging those rocks together, guys’

During the last few days I’ve found myself reading the tweets of @Darren101699, unable to decide whether he’s a genuine creatard, or is in fact a Poe account. 

Have a look at a handful of his messages – 

I’m not sure where Darren McDaniel is getting his ‘facts’ from, but he seems obsessed with this idea of asteroids colliding. Normally I’d be constructing a (hopefully witty) demolition of his claims, but I’m not sure he’s a genuine believer.

Why? Why think this one is different from Joe Cienkowski, CL Taylor, Stormbringer_5? It’s this tweet –

‘how do you KNOW atoms exist’…..

Lost for words.

Either @Darren101699 is genuinely stupid, or he’s an atheist pretending to be a cretinous creationist, I’m just not sure which is the case.

Can any one else tell?

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