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Moronic Comment of the Day

DERP DERP DERP DERP DERP. What a total div. Cienkowski is a knowing, bare-faced, liar. No wonder his wife has left him (calling him ‘the biggest f’in liar alive’ on Twitter.)

To reiterate, Joe Cienkowski is a liar

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7 thoughts on “Moronic Comment of the Day

  1. Joe is right. Evolution is a series of lies, bad evidence, faulty theories and fabrications. Tell me, O calm enlightened one, if evolution is a fact, why do the illustrious scientists keep resorting to fraud to prove it? I gave a brief example here.

  2. No, dipshit, Joe is wrong, and so are you. Why are there no peer reviewed creationist papers? It's because even most Christians think it isn't true!!

  3. Just read you post about frauds….pity you had your arse handed to you in the comments, eh? You're nothing but an ignorant, bible bashing, redneck, thank fuck people in the UK see through your type before you get anywhere near power. Palin would be laughed out of office here

  4. This is how you show that you are the freethinking, rational lover of logic, by bashing and ridicule? Makes you feel like a real man, huh? You show that you are a child.

  5. You were made to look like an idiot, wish is apt as you didn't even notice and presented the encounter as some great victory!! You're hopeless

  6. You're obsessing over me. And you wonder why I think you have deep-seated homoerotic fantasies about me? Hate is a form of love, you know, Nancyboy.

  7. You've no evidence so you resort to insults and homophobia. You're really bad at this, moron

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