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A Challenge to Stormbringer, Farmville fan and Creationist.

Here’s a little challenge for @Stormbringer_5

Name one peer reviewed paper that presents Creationism as reality. Just one will do.

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7 thoughts on “A Challenge to Stormbringer, Farmville fan and Creationist.

  1. Whatever I say, you will not believe. So I'll let others discuss this., want to see someone who hates me even more than you? Warning, even other atheists say he's "bat droppings crazy" and he has almost no personality (you do have that going for you, I must say). Try the one I have named "Norman" after the obnoxious android on a classic "Star Trek" episode:

  2. Or, to put it another way, you don't want to have to admit that there isn't a single one.CHALLENGE FAILED

  3. Typical of you lot. If the game isn't played your way, all the way, every time, even when the rules change, you declare victory. Betcha didn't even read the articles and see the problems with alleged "peer review" processes and inconsistencies, didja, Buttercup?Hey, I saved those Tweets you sent me. You affectionate devil, you!

  4. Excuses and photoshopped fake tweets, what a failure you are!

  5. I notice you've also dropped in some homophobia. What a fine example of humanity you are! Come on, show me ONE peer reviewed pro creation paper, just one!

  6. You didn't read the whole thing, Pinhead. I do not own Photoshop.

  7. I did actually, mr, I guess the generic term 'photoshopping' hasn't made it to your hick town yet. Still waiting on your peer reviewed evidence btw, you dismal homophobic arsewit

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