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Tired Light – why?

This is something I’ve read numerous times from Creationists. They claim that the light from distant stars and galaxies was formed already en route to the Earth, so that when Adam looked at the sky, he saw a lie…he saw God’s faked ancient universe. I know why they do this, it’s because the reality of the ancient night sky above us directly contradicts the literalists’ need to believe in a Young Earth/Universe – if the sky contradicts their views, then they have problems.

So, yes, I understand why Creationists repeat their lies about tired light, why it’s so essential that those stars had sent their light across the endless depths of Space faster than nature allows, I get that.

But I have one question for tired light peddling Creationists, a simple one –

Why did God need to do that?

Obviously it throws up other questions, like ‘Did God intend to fool people with his tired light?’, or ‘Wouldn’t it have been far better a proof of the truth of the Bible if the ONLY stars we saw were (presently) only 6000 light years away?’, but the basic question I want answering is the first one, ‘Why did God need to do that’?

Anyone want to answer?

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