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Now THIS is insanity

I’ve heard some stupidity pour out of the mouths of Creationists in the past, but C L Taylor seems determined to generate more inches of Twittercrap than anyone other than Mad Joe.

C L says the Cambrian Explosion has no evidence, that it DIDN’T HAPPEN. This is a new one, a creationist claiming that an event has been fabricated for…some reason, or other, I’m not sure why to be honest.

Let’s imagine how C L Taylor things this went down. One day a ‘Scientist’ decided that there needed to have been some inexplicable, sudden, development in the Evolution of life on Earth. He then joined up with his ‘Scientist’ (or is that ‘Lientist’?) friends and made masses and masses of faked evidence for this event.

C L Taylor is a special kind of stupid.

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